3 Color Toner Cost Cutting Tips For Any Business


Tuesday March 6, 2018

Color printing is abused in 90% of offices. People are making micro buying decisions every time they click the print button. Some for 10 cents, some for $1.50 and maybe $5 to $10 dollars on larger color documents like PowerPoint.

Here are 3 ways to take cut color toner spending.

  1. Create User Rules – depending on the type of color printer you have, you may be able to restrict access to the device or set personal or departmental allowances. If your system doesn’t offer some type of automated tracking, simply letting people know your expectations in writing may also curb abusive behavior. 
  2. Install a Black and White Printer – simply remove the option of printing in color all together. Plus, newer “monochrome” printers are feature rich and offer tremendous print quality. The only think your people will miss is the color!
  3. Stop Buying Expensive Printer Brand Toner – too many people believe they have to buy the toner made by the printer manufacturer. New premium quality compatible color toner meets all printer brand specifications and you will save up to 30%.

Maybe it’s time to switch? The print quality of our premium color toner is so good, most people can’t tell the difference between a page printed with our color toner vs expensive printer brand toner.

See if you can tell the difference!

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