3 Major Do’s & Don’ts of Summer Social Media for Business

Monday August 1, 2016

The 3 Major Do’s & Don’ts of Summer Social Media for Business

Social media is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other popular social media site, you get a direct conduit to your client base that can only help you perfect your methods.

Why Is Social Media Good for My Business?

Social media is FREE to use, and a perfect tool for showcasing your best products and services. It is incredibly easy to track, you can use that data to target a specific audience with the precise products they want, and as a sounding board for your customers’ comments and concerns. Use it to your advantage. 

How Should I Adjust My Social Media for Summer?

Just like the seasonal promotions for your products – “Fall into Savings,” “Winter Wonderland Deals” – your social media campaigns, including lucrative Facebook Ads, should reflect times when the weather gets warm as well.

Let’s take a look at how exactly you can do that:

DO post photos of your products and services in action, preferably outdoors. Millions of small businesses travel to clients in the nice weather and work outside. Landscapers, pool installers, even professional sports organizations can post impressive photos and videos of their stars in action.

DO involve your products in summer themes. Beer companies around Boston – especially Harpoon and Sam Adams – are experts at getting “Likes” and “Retweets” by showcasing flavors like Camp Wannamango and Sam Summer out on boats, at the beach, by the lake, at the ballpark, and more.

DO ask open-ended questions about your clients’ favorite things to do during summer. Favorite activities, beaches, products, flavors, vacation spots – people love to comment and converse about their favorite things on social media.

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Do on Social Media During Summertime?

On the flip side of summer time social media, there are some things that you, as a business owner, should steer clear of in order to maintain a positive commercial connection with your customers:

DON’T mention your personal beliefs on politics or divisive current events. You can’t know who is checking out you social media page, and they may be very vocal in a negative way as a reaction. Save it for your personal pages.

DON’T share too much. Learn when the best times are to post on social media (HINT: Wednesday at 3:00pm) and engage with your clients with catered content then.

DON’T be too spammy or pushy with your products or services. Showcase them. Talk a little bit about their benefits then leave an open ended question for your customers to think about.

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