3 Reasons to Outsource Printer Service 


Tuesday February 6, 2018 

It’s that flashing light on the printer or a pop up on your print driver that let’s you know there’s an issue. Although printers tend to be slightly more reliable than their bigger cousins (the office copier / MFP), they too have their moments. Usually when you need the printer to work most!

If you’re a BIG company, you probably have the time and the talent to take on a printer service issue. But what if you are a small business where the last person to use it has left you with a printer that doesn’t work?

Answer: you fix it yourself, or you ask the most “technical” person in the office, right?

That’s why more and more small businesses are outsourcing printer service. They realize they don’t have the training, the tools or the stomach to deal with a toner stain on their dress clothes!

For those that enjoy the challenge of clearing every piece of a deep paper jam, correcting smudges, or cleaning the corona wire when it’s dirty (if you know that term you are very technical!), don’t let us sway you from that which brings you pleasure.

For others, here’s 3 reasons to outsource printer service.

  1.  Stop Avoidable Downtime

Printers seem to know when you need them the most and with 39% of all business processes still requiring paper documents, downtime can be costly.  When you outsource your printer service to a trained professional, you can be confident that preventive maintenance will drastically reduce unforeseen problems. Newer printers have sophisticated diagnostics that a trained professional can use to predict issues before they occur providing you with less printer “emergencies”.

  1. Eliminate Staff Distractions

A recent study showed that 27% of all IT help desk calls were printer related. When you send a high value worker to fix a printer, chances are you’re pulling them away from a higher value task. In most office, the printer is also a point of social congregation so when there’s an issue, the problem can be contagious requiring people to print somewhere else, send the job to a commercial printer, or wait idle until the printer is repaired.

  1.  Longer Equipment Life

The life span of any device with as many moving parts is usually a direct result of how well it has been maintained. Plus, the internal heat required to fuse toner to a piece of paper adds to the need for proper care and cleaning. Watch someone clean the inside of a printer and you won’t believe the paper dust and toner particles that clog up the paper throughput and fusing areas. By simply maintaining a printer properly, your business will be able to extend the life of any printer and reduce the capital or operating expense required to buy or lease a printer.

Outsourcing printer service has become the norm for most small to medium size businesses. Maybe it’s time to consider an on-site service provider before your printer starts flashing again or you get that annoying pop up on your print driver!

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