3D Printer to Build Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones

Tuesday November 29, 2016

“Winter is coming.” Those are the words of House Stark from George R.R. Martin’s, and HBO’s hit series, A Game of Thrones.

Russian cement company, The Yekaterinburg Cement Factory,’s plans to bring the Stark’s iconic castle, Winterfell, to life with a 3D printer.

Yes, you heard right. Winterfell is coming to life!

There is no bigger show on television than Game of Thrones. With its intricate plot twists, graphic scenes of medieval bloodshed and battle, unforgettable characters, and the unexpected deaths of many of the shows main characters, Game of Thrones has captured the imaginations and valuable viewership of the entire world. So much so, it would seem, that this Russian company wanted to blend the old and the new, modern technology with medieval fantasy, to show just how much they loved it.

“Why this castle? First of all, it is, in my view, very beautiful. And, it also demands the use of many new technologies to construct that simpler buildings don't require," said Rinat Brilin, the factory boss at Yekaterinburg Cement Factory, to Russian TV station, Telekanal 360.

Slated to have been finished in September of this year, there is no determined date as to when the castle will become a tourist destination for fans from across the globe. However, despite not being done, the fact alone that a piece of beloved fantasy is being brought to life – using 3D printer technology - is exciting enough!

The Printing Magic Behind Winterfell

1000 years ago, building a castle of this size took hundreds of workers YEARS to build. People frequently died during the construction. Yikes.  

In today’s Russia, it takes 3 workers a matter of weeks.  

How is this even possible? 3D printing. One computer programmer is in charge of ensuring there is a constant, even supply of materials in the concrete squeezing apparatus. The machine does the rest.

The other two guys? They probably oversee the project and maybe grab lunch. Whatever the corporate hierarchy may be, the genius behind the 3D technology is undeniable, and opens the door for future recreations of pure, human imagination.

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