4 Reasons Print Will Never Die  

Thursday October 18, 2018

In both consumers’ professional and personal lives, an increasing number of processes are going digital. You might read your morning paper on a tablet now and pay for your groceries on a smartphone. Even with all the digitization, print still plays a significant role in our lives.

Not only are paper copies still required in many places, people often prefer hardcopy reading to digital alternatives. Paper copy book sales are on the rise, while eBook sales dropped nearly 20 percent last year. It’s not just a preference; paper copy information can even help students retain information better.

Print still plays a critical role in our lives, and it’s unlikely that it will ever be entirely replaced. The following processes are just some of the reasons we still rely on our home printers:


1.Boarding Passes


The proliferation of the internet and web-based technologies has made travel much simpler, particularly when it comes to flying. No more waiting in long lines to get a boarding pass. Most airlines prefer that you check in online before you arrive at the airport and print your boarding pass at home. This saves time and sometimes helps you avoid paying additional fees. Now, when you arrive to the airport you can head straight to security – it’s just too bad printing can’t help you skip that line, too.

Some airlines do, in fact, offer a digital version for boarding passes through smartphone apps and email. This can be convenient, but nothing is guaranteed on a cell phone. Whether the app malfunctions, you lose internet access or your battery dies, there are just too many variables when dealing with digital. It’s not worth dealing with any additional mishaps that stem from a malfunctioning a cell phone, so paper is often the safest route when traveling.


2.Event Tickets


The internet has made buying concert and event tickets easier, too. Rather than waiting at a physical box office or on hold for hours, you can now purchase tickets with the click of a button. It’s easy to see available seats and get impressive spots for you and your friends.

If you have the tickets sent through the mail, there’s often an additional fee required – and even more if you need them express shipped. The easiest and cheapest way to get your tickets is to print from your home printer.

Similar to boarding passes, digital options are available, but you run the same risk of malfunctions. At an airport, you might be able to get a replacement, but box offices are typically strict about lost and un-retrievable tickets. The most secure and most cost-effective option is to print your tickets at home.




With the high-quality technology on smartphones, we now walk around with cameras in our pockets 24/7. As a result, people take 1.2 trillion photos a year – just imagine the astronomical cost of printing all of those photos at a photo center.

When you want hard copies of photos to give as a gift or use in your home décor, it’s simplest to print them with your home printer.  First, make sure you’re printing the best quality photo using your computer—avoid any with closed eyes or blurry resolution. This way, you can limit wasted paper and the need for reprints. With high-quality photo paper, your prints will be ready in no time, and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Using a home printer for photos also gives you the freedom to create custom collages and art projects without additional fees. Check online for free websites that help build photo projects and print on the same photo paper for the best result.


4.  Resumes


Although many hiring managers request digital copies of a resume during the application phase, it’s a best practice to bring a few copies to an interview. This ensures that your future employer gets the full picture of your job experience, while giving them the added convenience of having a ready-to-go paper copy at the interview.

If you make any updates between applying and interviewing, a hard copy allows you to efficiently present the new information. This prevents the downtime of an employer logging into a computer to find your information, and gives you more time to talk about your experience.

Your home printer plays a big role in everything from helping you get to a vacation destination to landing your dream job. Printing has changed over the years, but it’s cemented in our professional and personal lives. Make sure your home printer is up to date and ready to go the next time you need it.


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