4 Tips to Keep Your Printer in Top Condition All School Year Long


Friday August 25, 2017

Your printer can go through significant wear and tear throughout the school year. And with all your child’s school assignments, printer maintenance is probably not a top priority. However, just a few small changes here and there can extend your printer’s lifespan and save you money.

Here are some tips to keep your printer in top condition all school year long:

1.Use Google as Your Friend

Most printer instructions are available online as long as you know the make and model. A technician may need to get involved if there is a big problem. But, for the most part, you will be able to do quick repairs yourself. You’ll want to look online when a maintenance light pops up, especially if you’re in a hurry. From there, you can quickly figure out the source of the problem and how to resolve it yourself.

2.Clean Your Printer

Regularly cleaning your printer is an essential part of printer maintenance. You should clean your print head at least once a month by removing the cartridge and cleaning the head with a use de-natured, alcohol-based cleaner products to wipe the print head. Make sure you’re also cleaning the insides of your printer regularly. If you don’t frequently clean the inside of your printer, the dust and grime will start to form layers, preventing your printer from working efficiently. Use slightly moist lint-free cloths and Q-tips to gently wipe down the inside of your printer. Do not use compressed air, it can blow dirt into places you cannot reach.

3.Leave Your Printer in a Good Location

Prevent your printer from getting too dusty, dirty or damaged by leaving it in a good location. Set up your printer on your desk or another convenient area where it won’t get bumped and knocked often. Heat and dry air can also cause problems for printers, clogging your print head and degrading your toner. Keep your printer away from radiators or other heat sources to ensure it stays in good condition.

4.Be Careful When Replacing Cartridges

Frequently replacing cartridges is important for printer maintenance, but make sure you’re doing it correctly. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the cartridge so you don’t lower the quality of print. Also, be sure to buy high-quality cartridges, and replace them when the toner low light comes on.

Keeping your printer in good condition requires minimal effort with a big payoff. Stay consistent with printer cleaning and upkeep to make sure it is operating efficiently and has a long life.

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