48% of Color Challenge Participants Can't Tell Difference Between OEM and Cartridge World Toner


Thursday April 12, 2018

Color printing’s benefits in business extend far beyond mere aesthetic appeal. Studies have shown color used in marketing materials can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Colorful documents and presentations can also improve learning and comprehension while enhancing brand’s perceived quality.

Saving Money

The benefits of using color in businesses are undeniable. But, many businesses are still spending 30 percent more on color printing than they should. By saving nearly one-third on color printing costs with Cartridge World, thousands of dollars go back into the pockets of small- to medium-sized business owners. Even people who print at home can save more than $100 annually by switching to a high-quality premium toner if they use a laser printer.

Roughly half of all participants in our Color Challenge survey couldn’t even tell the difference between OEM toner and Cartridge World premium toner – so why pay the difference? Take our color challenge now, and see for yourself if you can spot the difference.

Saving Time and Frustration

By allowing Cartridge World to take care of your printer cartridges, not only will you save up to 30 percent on printing costs, but our other services will also eliminate the emotional costs of faulty printing that stem from employee frustration and hours of downtime.

With our Why Buy a Printer Program, when you get your toner from us, we’ll provide you with the printers and ongoing service/maintenance at no additional cost, to keep your business running smoothly – saving you initial and ongoing maintenance costs and hassles.

Our friendly, local experts can keep your business up and running efficiently – at a fraction of the cost of manufacturers. Check out our infographic to learn more about our premium color toner, and learn how you can start saving on printing costs through our Why Buy a Printer Program.