5 Factors that Determine Office Printing


Monday June 11, 2018 

By: Brooks Conkle—Cartridge World, Mobile, AL

Office printing costs are a top expense for small to medium-sized businesses. Even in our device-centric world, businesses still print often, and for paper heavy industries, like healthcare or legal, this expense is even higher. Even worse, up to 90 percent of offices don’t track these costs and are likely overspending.

It is crucial to track printing costs to create accurate budgets and discover room for savings. The following five factors are hugely influential in determining office printing costs. Learn where you may be leaving money on the table and discover new ways to save.

  1. Employees

Employee habits can play a large role in the printing costs in your office. Things like printing personal documents, accidental prints or an excessive need for reprints can really eat up paper and printer supplies. Implement a print policy to set some office wide printing standards. Show employees how to save paper by printing multiple pages to one sheet and how to cancel accidental prints.

  1. Wrong Printer for the Wrong Job

Different types of printers will perform more efficiently with some jobs over others. For example, laser printers are good at printing high volumes so they may be better suited for an office printing a lot of documents. Choosing the wrong printer for the job will not only cost more in supplies and repairs, but can slow down office productivity.

Before buying any new equipment, be sure to evaluate your most frequent jobs and choose a printer that can cater to those needs. Consult a professional at your local Cartridge World to determine the most efficient printer for your office. The unbiased opinion and assistance from local owners can save your office time and money.

  1. Service and Repair

Up to 40 percent of IT Help Desk calls are printer related. This can bog down your IT department. Even worse, if an in-house employee deals with IT issues, constantly malfunctioning printers, paper jams and other issues can take up a lot of their time.

Consider a program like Cartridge World’s Why Buy a Printer Program. This program provides equipment and printers to offices, as well as service and maintenance and businesses only need to pay for the toner cartridges. This can free up your IT department for other crucial jobs and can save your business from paying for pricey repairs.

  1. Name Brand Materials

Offices that buy printer branded cartridges often spend 30 percent more. There are so many options – spending the extra money on brand name doesn’t always pay off. Cartridge World premium color toner performs just as well as brand name products, and 48 percent of consumers can’t tell the difference between the two.

While it’s great to save money, make sure you buy your cartridges from a reputable and trusted source. Poor quality cartridges can damage a printer and increase your maintenance costs.

  1. Age of Equipment

Replacing equipment can be pricey upfront, but older printers and copiers can be just as costly over time. Dated equipment often uses more energy, can be difficult to find repairs parts for and is usually less efficient than its newer counterparts. Upgrading now can continue to save your business money down the road. Evaluate your print fleet and see if any dated equipment could be dragging you down.

These top five factors can help you determine your office printing costs. If you find that your business is overspending, consider switching to Cartridge World premium toner or complete managed print services. We’ll work together to find a solution that’s right for you and your business. Learn more about our comprehensive business solutions.