5 Printing Tips To Save You Money 

Tuesday June 9, 2015

Many people think that all they need to do to save money on printing is shop at Cartridge World. The truth is shopping at Cartridge World is only one step towards real money savings. How you print and the type of settings you use has a large impact on how often you will need to replace your cartridges. Learning these 5 printing tips will enable you to optimize your printing settings. When you consciously make an effort to save ink or toner, you aren’t just saving your wallet, you’re helping the environment too!


Font Size

When you go to print a document type size is probably not something you think about. Even though you are just printing text, there is no reason why the text should be overly enlarged. Of course you want the type size to be readable – but keeping the size of your text smaller will decrease the amount of ink or toner you use. Pro Tip – Many laser printers don’t use all the toner in the cartridge, instead it counts the amount of pages you print and at a certain point it won’t allow you to print without a new cartridge.


When printing off the web you might want to just print the text on the page. By going into your printer settings, you are sometimes able to specify that you don’t want to print the images. If your printer doesn’t offer that option, it is still a great idea to select the part of the page you want to print and only print that part. Pro Tip – If you print a lot of graphics, photos or images, keep in mind that the paper you buy has an impact of how much ink your printer uses. Always purchase high quality photo paper if you want a great looking print.

Monochrome or Color

You probably already know that color printing costs more, and when you choose to print unnecessarily in color, you are using more ink and spending more resources. It is usually best to save your color ink for only times that you absolutely need it. Under your print settings you can set it to Monochrome or the equivalent to grayscale. This way even if there is color on the document you are printing it will covert it so only your black cartridge puts ink on the page. Pro Tip – Many large copy machines or larger laser printers will cost you far more per page if color is being used (even if the color only amounts to a very small portion of your print job. To be extra safe, make sure everyone who prints on that printer is aware that they should always use the grayscale option.

Reduced Page Size

When printing you should always try to use less space on each page of paper. You can almost always get a couple pages down to one. This will save you on paper and ink at the same time. Not to mention, if you can fit multiple pages of information on 1 page or less you are saving space storing or filing it as well.

Double Sided

Many printers allow you to select “duplex printing,” where you can print on both sides of the page. This is a great feature for saving paper. You might be using the same amount of ink as you would normally, but then you are wasting 50% less paper than you would have otherwise. Keep in mind that certain documents can’t be printed in this way. For example you wouldn’t want your resume printed double sided.

If you can manage just a few of these printing tips, you will guarantee yourself a better printing experience, save more money on ink or toner, and be less wasteful. Keep in mind, when you make the effort to print more efficiently there are many cost savings. Pro Tip – if you are an office manager and would like to learn more about how to set up your workstations to print more efficiently, talk to your local printing expert. Our Cartridge World stores can offer great advice and show you additional steps to gain even more savings. We can help you print smarter and at the same time find printing solutions that reduce waste. Talk to your local store and request a print audit. We will do everything we can to analyze your printing, find solutions to increase efficiency, create redundancy, reduce waste and decrease your costs.