5 Quick Tips to Save on Printing


Friday November 3, 2017

Whether you’re printing at home or at the office, there are plenty of ways to save on paper, ink and toner and money by adjusting your printing habits. Consider the type of printing you do most. Whether that’s photos, coupons or large text documents, these tips can help you save:

1.Avoid Printing Full Internet Pages

There are a lot of online coupons and online reference pages that are useful to print, but it’s common for internet pages to be full of advertisements. These ads often contain large photos or graphics that can take up space on the page and eat up ink. Since this is not a crucial part of the printout, avoid printing it all together. Highlight the portion you’d like to print, just the coupon for example, and select “print selection only.” This means only the highlighted portion will print and no wasteful ads will end up on the page.

2.Print Double-sided

If you’re printing long documents, print double-sided when possible. Certain final copies or documents needed for legal purposes may not allow double-sided version so make sure to take advantage of this when you can. Printing double-sided cuts your paper usage per project in half. Although paper seems like the cheapest ingredient in your printer recipe, it can really add up over time. Save paper and reduce waste by using both sides.

3.Try Out “Eco Fonts”

Switch up your font type and font usage to save ink. There is a special category of fonts called eco fonts. These have negative space in each letter, are smaller or simpler. These fonts don’t appear much different or make it more difficult to read documents; they simply reduce toner and ink usage with the varying styles.

4.Grayscale vs. Color

Before printing a page, consider how necessary or important the color aspects are. Is it a final project or is aesthetic particularly important? If so, this is a good time to use color ink. But, if the page is just a copy for you, consider switching to grayscale printing. Color toner and ink tends to be more expensive, so using it sparingly can reduce replacement and save money.

5.Create a Print Policy

Creating office rules for printing can help reduce frivolous printing. An office printer is often busier than a personal printer. This means your business is going through a lot of ink, toner and paper. To reduce how much your office uses consider implementing a print policy. This policy will contain rules about proper printing etiquette, such as think twice before printing emails and print double-sided when you can. This can help reduce supply usage and put less strain on your office printer. Think twice before you print and don’t underestimate a print preview. It can help you evaluate the page usage and help limit a need to reprint wonky pages.

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