5 Reasons Small Businesses Are Moving Away From OEM Toner


Thursday June 15, 2017

Are you still buying ink and toner cartridges made by the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)? Today’s value driven small business buyer is looking for more bang for their buck without sacrificing quality or performance and they’re getting it with non-OEM toner products.

“50 – 80% of print related expenses are toner cartridges”

You can too.

Here are 5 reasons small businesses have stopped paying an unnecessary premium for printer cartridges made by the printer manufacturers.

  1. COST SAVINGS – most businesses save up to 30% right away with an OEM alternative toner product. In fact, our full line of Cartridge World Ink and Toner products tend to cost up to 30% less than “Big Box” store brand toner products as well. These savings can really add up with the average office worker now printing approximately 10,000 pages per year.
  2. EQUAL OR BETTER PERFORMANCE – similar to the automotive industry, often aftermarket components outperform those made by the manufacturer – for less. This is true with new levels of quality inspection and manufacturing capabilities. At Cartridge World for example, we’ve developed what we call our “triple check quality inspection process” that ensures our printer cartridges have been through this process before it reaches our customers.
  3. RISK FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – some OEM alternatives make it difficult to return an a product after an unfavorable experience. As a Cartridge World customer, there’s simply no risk in trying an OEM alternative to see why so many other small and medium size businesses have made the switch in their office.
  4. FREE DELIVERY – sometimes a low price online can quickly become less attractive when common hidden fees like shipping, handling or delivery fees get tacked onto the price. The delivery fee for most print cartridges is approximately ten dollars and with so many cartridges ordered last minute, rush orders can cost even more. Cartridge World prides itself on having no hidden fees and ensures free delivery on all your orders.
  5. SIMPLIFIED SELECTION – most small businesses have no formal office print policy or a common printer make and model throughout the organization. Usually, small businesses tend to have a mixed bag of printers making toner ordering challenging and complex. This is why sourcing non-OEM toner from a single source like Cartridge World has become so popular. Less searching and more time and money available for bigger priorities than office printing.

Maybe now is the time to rethink your office toner purchasing strategy?

Most offices start by trying an OEM alternative product or by completing an office print assessment to better determine their true needs.

We’re ready when you are.