5 Reasons You're Probably Paying Too Much for Office Printing!


Thursday June 1, 2017

What could you do with some extra money in your office expense budget? It’s been said that office printing costs now rival rent and utilities in most small to medium-sized businesses. This is usually a surprise for most business leaders because they have the means to measure comparable operating expenses – but not office printing. The reason office printing tends to elude most expense management spreadsheets is because printers, printer service and printer cartridges tend to be purchased randomly by different people on a reactive basis. This type of decentralized purchasing of print-related expenses tends to get hidden in departmental budgets – and can add up to more than you might think. 

“38 – 41% of print-related expenses avoid formal procurement approval.”

To help you determine if your office is spending too much on office printing, here are five common ways most small to medium-sized businesses are paying more than they need to:

  1. Overpaying for Expensive Copier Leases – A decade ago, it made sense to lease a big copier that produced copies for everyone in the office. Today, most offices are replacing expensive copiers with affordable printers and multifunction devices that provide the same features at a comparable speed, and all for a much lower cost. If you’re stuck paying an expensive lease payment every month on a copier you don’t need, chances are we can help.
  2. Paying High Energy Costs for Older “Power Hog” Printers – Check the back of your office printers to see if they have the “Energy Star” sticker to validate that they’re not consuming more power than needed. According to the EPA, it costs approximately $225 or more to power a medium-sized office laser printer each year. This amount tends to be higher if the printer isn’t Energy Star certified.
  3. Paying Excessively for OEM Printer Cartridges – Buying printer cartridges made by the original equipment manufacturer will cost you up to 30% more than a Cartridge World premium quality printer cartridge. Depending on your office print volumes in monochrome and color, this could save you thousands of dollars each year in printer cartridges alone. Why pay more if you can still achieve outstanding print quality for a lot less?
  4. No Staff Print Policy – According to recent studies, 90% of offices don’t have commonly understood “rules” when it comes to what, and how much, people should be printing. If your office doesn’t have a formal print policy, chances are users may be printing more than they need to – especially in full color, which costs 5 to 10 times more than printing the same document in black and white.

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5. Operating Redundant Print Devices – Look around your office at all the devices that have a paper tray. Do you need them all? Each device will cost you in terms of space, energy, service agreements, repairs, parts and, of course, consumeables such as toner cartridges. By consolidating printing, scanning, faxing and copying into one multifunction device you will cut your costs with less maintenance and fewer toner cartridges to buy and store.

If you suspect you might be spending more than you need to on office printing, there’s a good chance you are correct. That’s where a quick print assessment by your local printing experts at Cartridge World can be extremely helpful in identifying areas where you can reduce costs and boost productivity.

Is your office printing out of control? Learn more about our business printing solutions or contact your local Cartridge World today!