5 Tips to Exorcise Your Printing Demons 

Monday October 29, 2018

The spirit of Halloween is in the air. And while there are countless horror movies and haunted houses to indulge in, business owners and employees alike know they can also find limitless bone-chilling obstacles in the working world.

Faulty printing might not be at the top of your list of frights, but it can be wasting hours of valuable employee time and costing thousands of dollars – a pretty scary prospect.

Here are five signs your printer may be possessed, and how to exorcize all your printing demons:


1.Demon/Problem: Frequent Paper Jams


Paper jams are an unavoidable inconvenience that plague every office, but there are ways to lessen their impact on your workflow. Paper misalignment is the most common cause of paper jams, so it would behoove you to take a look at your paper tray particularly if you’re getting frequent paper jams.

Be sure to square off the stack of paper before inserting it in the tray, and double-check that the pages are properly lined up. Also, check to ensure the guides are flush with the paper and try not to over-fill the tray.

If you’re still experiencing problems, a quick once-over of your printer’s user manual troubleshooting section should get the job done. Or, you can contact the manufacturer’s tech support directly.


2.Demon/Problem: Streaky Prints


Streaking is generally caused by a worn-out drum unit or empty toner cartridge. Drum units typically need replacing after using three or four toner cartridges, so look into purchasing a new drum unit.

Unintended ink streaks, stripes of color and unwanted lines could also mean the print heads are out of alignment. Check the printer’s alignment tool in the printer’s control panel to find out if this is the culprit.

If that’s not the problem, then the printer is probably dirty and needs a good cleaning. Follow basic cleaning instructions, or use a lint-free cloth and wipe off rollers and other potentially dirty printer parts.


3.Demon/Problem: Slow Print Jobs


For the procrastinator, there’s nothing more frightening than a slow printer. When you’re racing to meet a deadline – whether you need notes for an impending meeting or a last-minute proposal – you can’t afford to wait. What’s worse, a possessed printer can sense when you’re on a time crunch and will misbehave accordingly.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to circumvent slow printing issues when you’re down to the wire. Unless you need extremely high-quality output, print in draft mode or whatever the lowest quality setting is.

Avoid duplex (two-sided) printing unless you have a few minutes to spare. Because the printer has to flip a document over to print on both sides, it takes twice as long to print in duplex mode.

If you have the option to choose between printer drivers, opt for a host-based or PCL driver, since this will also speed things up.


4.Demon/Problem: Low-quality text documents


Printers vary widely in text quality, but if you’ve noticed a gradual or sudden degradation in quality without altering the settings yourself, there a few easy ways to resolve it.

Whether inkjet or laser printer, double-check your print settings and make sure they’re correct. If you’re not in a rush and need a higher quality print, take your printer off draft mode. Switch to a higher quality mode, and you’ll see an instant improvement in quality.

Also, make sure the paper type listed on screen matches with what you’re printing on. Using different paper than what’s recommended can sometimes mean lower quality prints.

If you’re still noticing lower quality text documents in your laser printer, it could mean the toner has settled. Remove the cartridge, and gently shake it several times from side to side.

For an inkjet printer, try a nozzle cleaning or print head alignment. You can launch this from your printer’s maintenance menu.

If neither of these solutions seems to resolve your problem, your cartridges are probably running out of ink or toner and need to be replaced.


5.Demon/Problem: Low-quality photos


If you’re not happy with your photo print quality, it’s important to again make sure you’re printing on the right paper. Generally speaking, your printer manufacturer’s branded photo paper will work better with the printer than third-party papers, so check to see if they recommend a particular paper for your printer.

Also make sure you’ve selected the paper type you’re using, and that you’re set to photo printing in your software settings.

Discoloration in your prints is common when you’re running low on one color of ink, so double-check your cartridges and make sure they’re full.


Get Rid of Your Demons for Good


There are myriad troubleshooting measures you can take to quickly resolve any issues and exorcize your printing demons. Of course, getting in touch with manufacturers or overrun IT departments for additional guidance can be a headache in and of itself.

That’s just one reason why more businesses are turning to managed print service (MPS) providers, who can quickly offer them expert advice and support for all their printing questions.

With Cartridge World’s MPS program, you can rest assured you’ll have your printing under control 24/7 – freeing your time to grow your business, while improving productivity, streamlining workflows and reducing print costs.


Contact your local Cartridge World today to learn how you can start saving on every print you make – and quickly resolve printing issues almost as soon as they arise.