6 Printing Tips to Simplify Summer Travel


Thursday July 27, 2017

Keeping track of all your travel plans – from boarding passes to vacation itineraries – can be a hassle. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and simplify summer travel:


1.Print Copies of Your IDs

Losing any form of identification is a huge pain, but especially when you’re traveling and can’t get many places without it. It is important to print out copies of your IDs, such as your passport, travel visa and driver’s license so that you have some form of identification on hand in case you lose the original.

2.Print Copies of Travel Documents

It can be very easy to misplace different travel documents, such as reservation confirmations or airline tickets, so keep copies of these with you as well. If you don’t have copies of your travel papers, your whole vacation could fall through.

3.Reduce Smearing When Printing

When printing copies of your IDs and travel documents, make sure you have minimal-to-no smears. This could make small text illegible or photos unrecognizable, rendering your copies useless. Use thick card stock for important documents, make sure your toner cartridge is properly aligned and the toner is dry before moving the paper to get the best results.

4.Print Double-Sided When You Can

Printing double-sided pages will save you from the hassle of keeping track of extra paper while traveling. This is especially useful for longer documents like travel itineraries.

5.Print Multiple Copies of Each Important Document

Printing extra copies of each document will help ensure an additional level of comfort while traveling. You should leave one copy at home, take one with you and give one to a friend or relative, in case you need them to send it to you.

6.Keep an Electronic Copy of Documents for Future Printing

In addition to printing multiple copies, keep an electronic file of your documents. You can do this by keeping them on a flash drive or e-mailing them to yourself, so you can print them out for future use if need be.

Making sure you have all the right documents is a key part of planning your trip. If you make plenty of high-quality copies, you will have a much easier time traveling.