7 Office Printer Costs You Don’t Think About


Thursday March 15, 2018

Inexperienced printer buyers tend to focus solely on the purchase price of the printer.  If it’s a name they know and it’s on sale, they’ll usually buy it. This is known as ‘short sighted buying’. Experienced business equipment buyers know there’s much more that makes up a company’s “Total Cost of Operation” when it comes to the typical office printer or fleet of print devices.

Here’s your true printer expenses:

  1. Hardware – The price you pay for the printer is usually a direct reflection of how much it will cost to run it. In general, the less you spend for the printer, the more you’ll spend on the toner cartridges to run it. If you buy your toner from your local Cartridge World, we’ll provide the printer and on-site service at no additional charge. How good is that? We call it our Why Buy A Printer? Program.
  2. Toner – Toner costs typically make up 60% of your overall cost per page which is why so many smart businesses are switching from expensive printer brand toner to premium quality compatible products from Cartridge World.
  3. Toner Delivery – It’s not unusual to see a $10 - $15 delivery surcharge on your toner invoice. This fee depends on your proximity to where you source your toner and how fast you need it. Cartridge World business customers enjoy free delivery on all toner orders.
  4. Service – Some offices have their employees fixing printer issues. Usually printer repairs come without notice and distract IT people from their higher value tasks while they tend to the printer complaints. Progressive businesses outsource their printer service to trained technicians.
  5. Paper – The rising cost of natural resources has the cost of a page of paper pushing 1 cent per sheet. How much you spend on paper depends on your print volumes and your commitment to 2-sided printing. With Earth Day coming, why not implement a greener print strategy at your office? 
  6. ElectricityAccording to the EPA, it costs $235 per year to power a typical office MFP. That’s almost $20 per month and that number can fluctuate depending on the energy star features on the printer you select. Some offer advanced energy saving options like automatic sleep mode, slower warm up time and more.
  7. Removal Fees – What do you do with unwanted electronic devices in your office now? Do you properly dispose of them or do you throw them in the dumpster like 70% of businesses say they do? Do you have a printer you’re looking to replace? Ask us about our Printer Exchange Program!

The price you pay for the printer is only a portion of the “Total Cost of Operation”. That’s why you need to ask your local experts at Cartridge World to help you select, install, train and service the right printer for your office and your budget!