7 Signs Local Businesses Are Looking Out For You

Tuesday January 19, 2016

It’s hard to choose where to buy. Since Internet was launched, purchasing power now lies in the hands of customers both in store and online. Often, buying something from a digital vendor can be cheaper.

But remember, local businesses offer advantages that online companies have yet to master: the human element. This includes a customer relationship, a local expert you can visit, and the immediacy, availability, and flexibility to meet your needs that same day.

Here are 7 signs local businesses are looking out for you:

  • They know their products: When you walk in, they can answer your questions, and help you find the right item for your needs.
  • They offer unique help and support: If you need a repair, a part, or a consultation, local companies will provide that service. They may even come to your home or business with solutions. At the very least they will tell you what needs to be done and explain why, clearly and easily.   
  • They set a fair price: Local businesses will keep their prices. They offer large volume sales at a discount. And, they offer sales and promotions at the right times (back to school, holidays, etc).
  • They know their customers: It might not always be a first name basis, but the right company will always know what the correct solution is, for you, right away. This is because they have built a solid relationship with you, they know your needs, and can anticipate and adapt to them.
  • They track their customers: When a company tracks their customers, they get better. They get smarter. They know what their customers want before they even come in.
  • They stay involved in the community: Great companies enhance great communities. Rotary Club, sponsorships, charities, Chamber of Commerce, local businesses actively engage their business community on a deeper level and show customers that they contribute more to the community than dollars and cents.  
  • They market themselves well: Companies that want your business want to be known. They use telemarketing, radio, television, digital marketing, outside sales, customer visits, cold calling, and networking events – to engage with the people in the community. Also, they always have a local brick-and-mortar location with an address to accommodate walk-ins.

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