8 Tech Tips for Your Home Office


Thursday March 23, 2017

Now is the perfect time to replace equipment in your home office to make your work hours more productive. Following are eight items you should consider purchasing for an efficient home-based office.

  1. Desktop/laptop – The average lifespan for desktops or laptops is is painfully short (three to eight years for a desktop, two to five years for a laptop). If yours hasn’t been upgraded, is slow, lacking space to store files and is a hassle to install the latest software, it’s probably time to invest in a new system. Desktops and laptops now have more power, flexibility and come in a variety of styles and sizes; you just have to decide if you want your computer to be portable or not.
  2. Keyboard – If you’re replacing your desktop, consider replacing your keyboard, too. Where space is limited, minimalist, sleeker and wireless keyboards are an option. Laser projected keyboards eliminate the need for a physical keyboard all together. An ergonomic keyboard may provide added comfort.
  3. Printer – Even at home, workers need a break from their computer screens to avoid eye strain, which is contributing to the demand for printers. According to a recent Cartridge World survey, workers are printing emails, letters, proposals and other documents. Since they’re working from home, they may also be printing coupons, recipes, pictures and travel documents.
  4. Backup drive – While working at home can be more comfortable than working in an office, you still need to ensure your work, programs and operating system are protected, especially if you need to deliver assignments to your employer. If you don’t have a backup drive, now is a good time to purchase one as part of your upgrades. If you are currently using a backup drive, now may be a good time to replace it since they have a finite lifespan.
  5. Router and modem – Faster speeds and greater reliability are always welcome. Upgrade your router and modem this spring, especially if you’re doing most of your work online. If you’re using cable Internet, consider buying your own modem rather than using the one from the cable company. Your speed could improve significantly if the cable company’s modem is old.
  6. Digital assistant – Sometimes you’re so busy you hardly have time to get up from your desk. Having someone around to do little tasks, such as playing music, adjusting the thermostat and ordering lunch could really help. Using a voice command, a digital assistant can accomplish all those things and help with a wide range of other tasks.
  7. Web meeting gear – If your laptop’s integrated webcam isn’t providing professional quality image and sound for important virtual meetings with clients, the bosses or potential employers, you will want to upgrade web meeting gear.
  8. Coffee/tea mug warmer – Replacing the Keurig machine in your home office with a coffee/tea mug warmer will free up some space and keep you from having to get up to top off your beverage when it gets too cool to drink

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