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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Manage your printers better with Cartridge World.

Many companies, both large and small, heavily count on very few printers. When that printer breaks down or needs maintenance, what does a business do to continue their day-to-day operations? They don’t… most of them don’t have any printing redundancy. When it comes to computing, most IT professionals demand that data and hardware all have backups and alternatives, so the company doesn’t experience data loss, down time, or costly recovery methods. The same strategy applies to your corporate printing. Adding redundancy can improve your chances of recovering after a failure. How many times have you wondered if you should keep an older car that has proved its reliability, in case your newer car breaks down? Instead of just one super expensive piece of equipment, many times our clients get away with having multiple machines that cost them less and provides the added benefit of choosing more appropriate technology for different departments or user’s needs. Gaining redundancy in your office makes sense both financially and efficiently. When you speak with one of our printing experts they can help guide you to how many printers you need and which ones will help you save money based on your printing habits.

In a small business, each department has different printing needs. The printer that is assigned to reports, financials, and accounting probably would only need to print black and white. However, they also need the functionality of a multifunction printer so they can copy, scan and fax. The marketing department will probably need color photo quality printers so they can design new brochures, newsletters, packaging or other creative items. They would get very little use out of a fully black and white printer and it would be very costly to the business to buy a large copy machine to fill both department’s needs. Furthermore, when one printer breaks down or needs repairs, both departments can use the other printer temporarily while it goes in for service.

Cartridge World can help your business minimize downtime and increase efficiency. Even the smallest home-based business can take advantage of having separate printers. One for the kids and homework, one for printing photos and cards, and one strictly for business and volume printing. There are plenty of reasons why larger copy machines aren’t always the best alternative to smaller desktop printers. Of course, even the business that already has a contract for a larger printing device can also take advantage of adding additional printers to their fleet, especially in a larger office setting. It can be helpful to have executives print to local printers without needing to leave their office or workspace to go grab what they just sent to the printer.

Another concern that many businesses in the mortgage, financial, or medical fields have is privacy issues that are caused by sharing only one or two printers. When you send a document to a shared printer there is no way to make sure no one else grabs your private documents before you do. It is safer and more legally practical to have sensitive private documents to print from a local desktop printer.

To learn more about redundancy, multi printer office solutions, or how to save money and time without sacrifice, talk to us! We are your local printing experts and we will work with you to find the best way to optimize your printing.