Beat the Back-To-School Blues

Friday, July 31st, 2015

It’s an exciting new school year and both children and parents alike are getting in gear for new assignments, projects, and homework streaming out of their home printers once again. Just like in previous years, choosing Cartridge World brand ink and toner will allow you to print more and spend less. If you haven’t already purchased a printer for your home, you might want to consider our expert advice on which printer you should choose. More than likely you will need to print in color, especially for your school projects. Normally, an inkjet printer is going to suit most home / school needs better than a laser printer. The cost might be higher per page but the equipment and ink cartridges are more affordable. Many small businesses also use inkjets for printing too!

Make sure that when selecting a printer for your home you go over all the features and learn what the cost is to replace the cartridges. You will also want to check if you can print on different types of paper, or other materials. Some printers are more favorable to different types of inks, pigments, or dyes than others. Knowing this before your purchase can increase the likely hood that your children will be able to explore their creativity. Most new printers have features built in for digital photography too! If your kids decide they want to print or share their photos straight from a memory card, phone, or camera they can easily do so with most makes and models of printers.

To make sure that your new printer fits all you and your children’s needs, make sure to visit a local printing expert at Cartridge World. Not only will our friendly staff members help guide you to the best printer for your needs, they will also make sure to save you time, money and print great. Guaranteed! Remember, thousands of homes, businesses, and schools look to Cartridge World every day to solve their printing needs. Another great tip to ease your concerns about how to choose a printer is to check out Consumer Reports or reviews online.

Looking to replace a printer? It is a common practice to outgrow a printer as your child becomes older and requires more advanced features. Try donating or selling that older printer, so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. You can also contact your local Cartridge World store and see if they would take it for parts or recycling. If we all do our part in giving our old technology a second life, we can reduce waste and the environmental damage it can have. Enjoy new school year!