Craft Beers for Your Summer BBQ

Thursday May 19, 2016

When it comes to the summertime, there is nothing better than gathering together with friends and family for a BBQ. The sizzling meat, hot off the grill. The warm weather.

And then there are the drinks.

In moderation, adult beverages are essential to any outdoor event, and can absolutely make or break your celebration. Not so great for kid’s parties, true, but when the game is on and people are over, they’re going to get thirsty, fast. Knowing the best libations to serve up is going to separate you from the herd in a hurry and make your parties the stuff of absolute legend.

Here are some of the best recommendations for craft beers to truly impress your guests:

Light Beer: We’ll start with the basics here. Just the fact that you’re good enough to hand out ice cold refreshment says something great about you. But a little celebration education never hurt, right? You could play it safe with the mass-produced classics. Budweiser, Miller Lite, Corona Light, and the rest - they’ll all work adequately, like water. Or, maybe you could step up your game with a bold-bodied Sam Adams Light from Boston or a Yuengling Lager from Pennsylvania. Low calories, full on taste, they bring something unexpected.

White Beers/Wheat Beers/Imported Belgian Ales: With a lighter, more crisp, more refreshing taste, wheat and white beers, as well as Belgians (stay in the dubbels) can combat the overheating effects of the sun incredibly well. Allagash (ME) has some excellent offers, as does Ommegang (NY), Cisco (MA), Long Trail (VT), Paulner (Germany), Weinstephaner (Germany), Julius Etcher (Germany), Maine Beer Company (ME), Longboard (HI), and others. The key is finding the ideal taste for your guests.

IPA’s: For a hot summer day, there is no need to go crazy with the hops (maybe). Instead, when the weather gets warm, always reach for an IPA affectionately known as a “session IPA.” A session means it still has all the hoppy goodness you want in your IPA, but a lower ABV (alcohol by volume count) so you can enjoy an all day “session” at your BBQ. Fan favorites include: Alpine Beer Company, Founders, Lagunitas, Maine Beer Company, Lawson’s, Sierra Nevada, Stone, Firestone, and many, many more.

Of course, all beer drinking is subjective. If an Imperial Coffee Porter helps you enjoy a lingering sunset, please have at it. If having a salty sweet oyster stout is more your speed in summer, there is nothing wrong with that. But under sunny summer conditions, the aforementioned styles are THE names in cooling refreshment and the ultimate way (for responsible adults) to relax and beat the heat.

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