Best Printer for Your Home Office

Friday January 27, 2017

If you plan to create a home office, chances are you will need to equip it with a printer to meet your business and family needs. From printing photos, flyers and brochures to a consistent stream of traditional documents, there are a number of printers and options designed specifically with different needs in mind.

Here is a breakdown of the three main printers available, to help you determine which one may best fit your home office needs.

Inkjet Printer

One of the least expensive and most common options available today, inkjet printers are not only great for printing documents, but are one of the best options for printing photos and color documents. In fact, inkjets are the best choice for a combination of printing text, graphics and photos.

Laser Printer

Because laser printers are significantly faster at producing black-and-white text documents than inkjet, they may be the best option for a home office supporting a small team. Known for their text-printing abilities, laser printers use toner to print and often have larger paper trays than inkjets. If you print a considerable number of documents, then laser printers will almost always outperform traditional inkjets.

Multifunction Printer

Also known as an all-in-one printer, multifunction printers offer the ability to print, copy, scan and fax. For the complete home office, multifunction printers save space by combining the features of a number of separate devices while maintaining the size of a regular at-home printer. Available in both inkjet and laser options, multifunction printers are the perfect addition to the fully functional home office.

The cost of multifunction printers, both in inkjet and laser varieties, has gone down significantly in recent years, making it perhaps one of the best options for a home office, should the need for the added features ever arise. Lastly, connectivity should be considered for any home printer, to ensure the printer can be shared on a network with multiple family members, and those equipped with Wi-Fi capability can even allow printing in the home office from wireless devices such as phones and tablets.

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