Best Way to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Monday March 7, 2016

Worldwide, St. Patrick’s Day is about the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, and Irish heritage. People (Irish and otherwise) come together in cities all over the globe to march in parades, dress in green, and yes, of course, celebrate with a toast or two.

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate your 2016 St. Patrick’s Day:

Choosing Your Wardrobe

St. Patrick’s day is all about the green – and also some gold! As the official color of Ireland, the wearing of the green dates back all the way back to the original celebrations of Irish immigrants in the 1700’s. Mix and match any green or gold clothing that you have and combine it with items like novelty shamrock glasses, tall white and green hats, and green beads for the best effect. 

Party at Home

For those of you who are throwing a party for St. Pat’s, start gathering green decorations for your home, get some famous Irish pub songs for your playlist, and be sure to stock your fridge with the black gold called stout. This year, since the holiday falls on a Thursday, be sure to set the date to either that night, or the following Friday to accommodate all.

Attending the Parade

Get there early. And I mean EARLY. In Boston, residents set up lawn chairs on Broadway hours before the kick off, and it gets packed with people. Avoid the crowds down in the subways, if you can, and be sure to stand as close to the beginning or end of the parade.

Visiting the Pubs

The local bars and pubs are another great place to celebrate your St. Patrick’s day. Pubs and restaurants will fill up as soon as they open do try and be there early.  

Sing-along to the Songs (as best as you can)

There is nothing better than to belt out the words – or maybe just the chorus - to a fun Irish song among a like-minded crowd. To improve your changes of Celtic Karaoke, play the CD or playlist in your car a few times tonight until St. Patrick’s Day.

From everyone at Cartridge World, we hope you have the best St. Patrick’s day celebration that you can, and following these easy tips can make it even better!