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What Keeps You Printing

What Keeps You Printing? We asked, you answered. See our infographic here!

Happy Anniversary “Office Space" How To Really Use Your Printer

Many of us can relate to the struggles of 9-5 cubicle life, most perfectly portrayed in the film “Office Space.” The cult-classic first debuted February 19, 1999, and while most of us don’t have to worry about having eight bosses or getting our stapler embalmed in Jell-O, perhaps the most relatable scene in the film is the printer-smashing. The scene was so inspiring to many, that a printer-destruction club was formed to release frustrations on this troublesome piece of office equipment.

Tips to Ease Pain Points for Administrative Professionals

In honor of Administrative Professional’s Day on April 26, Cartridge World, the global leader in premium-quality ink and toner cartridges, printers and printer services, seeks to make the lives of the ‘Office Hero’ a little easier with tips to improve the most common office printing pain points.

Earth Day, Everyday

Earth Day is April 22 and you may be wondering what you can do to honor Mother Earth. There’s plenty you can do right from your work station at home or at the office. For example, with the planet losing more than 15 billion trees every year, improving printing habits can have a significant impact. Recycling paper along with ink and toner cartridges can also make a difference in the environment.

Selecting the Right Printer to Meet Your Business Needs

No matter what size your office, choosing the right printer or multifunction device is important to keep your business up and running. What might seem like a small investment could end up costing you in the long run if you don’t match your unique needs to the printers features and capabilities. Here are some common questions we hear

The Benefits of Buying from Local Businesses

Printer ink and toner may be one of those things bought easily and cheaply through online retailers. While this is the most convenient way to make a lot of purchases, doing so for ink or toner often lacks value and comes with risks. The same holds true for shopping big box retailers that carry so many different products that it’s difficult for staff to specialize on any one of them.