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5 Quick Easy Tips to Reduce Color Printing Costs

Implementing a good print policy is something that many offices fail to do. This oversight can lead to a lot of wasted toner, paper and profit. Not having a print policy in place allows anyone in your organization to print anything, at any time, which can really add up (color prints can cost between 10 to 80 cents each depending on the printer that is used). Having a policy in place can help cut these costs and improve your bottom line. If you are considering tightening the printing rules in your workplace, here are five tips to help

New School Year, New Printer: A Cost/Benefit Comparison

Unlike other school supplies, finding the right printer requires more thought and research. People oftentimes do not know whether they should get an inkjet or laser printer and get overwhelmed by all the models available. Here are some of the pros and cons of inkjet and laser printers, so you can make an informed decision this school year

What Printer is Right for You This School Year?

Whether you’re a parent with kids going into high school or a college student, you’re probably wondering which type of printer is best for you this schoolyear – from price to functionality. Here are some questions to ask yourself when finding which printer you should buy

6 Printing Tips to Simplify Summer Travel

Keeping track of all your travel plans – from boarding passes to vacation itineraries – can be a hassle. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and simplify summer travel

Why Your Business Needs a Print Policy

Less than 10% of US companies have a formal print policy to control how much is printed and spent on hardcopy output. Does your office have a print policy? Without one, it’s virtually impossible to prevent avoidable waste and expense. That’s why we offer a FREE PRINT ASSESSMENT to our potential customers.

How Different Colors Communicate in Business Documents

Have you ever been strategic with the colors you include with your print documents? According to psychologists, the color(s) you use will have a direct effect on how the recipient feels about what they see. To help you make your color documents more compelling, we thought you might like to know which colors you should use to get the “physiological edge” that suits your message.