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5 Factors that Determine Office Printing

Office printing costs are a top expense for small to medium-sized businesses. It is crucial to track printing costs to create accurate budgets and discover room for savings. The following five factors are hugely influential in determining office printing costs. Learn where you may be leaving money on the table and discover new ways to save.

How to Save Energy with Office Technology

Most offices these days are loaded with office technology. Each employee has a computer, potentially extra monitors, printers and maybe a laptop on top of it all. The energy usage of all this can add up. Running a business is expensive, and it only takes some simple adjustments to save money on office technology. Reducing technology energy usage will ultimately lower monthly utility bills and benefit your bottom line.

What Could I Have Bought if I Had Saved 30% on Ink and Toner at Cartridge World?

Small savings quickly add up for businesses of all sizes – whether you’re a one-person home office or a small to medium business. So, while 30 percent savings on ink and toner is a significant amount in the short term, it becomes even more impactful when you look at these savings over time.

The Office Printer's Etiquette Guide

When you spend 40 hours a week with the same people, it’s only natural that some of your coworkers’ habits occasionally get on your nerves. While it’s generally best to learn to accept their quirks, there’s also a certain etiquette you and your colleagues should employ when it comes to shared materials – refrigerators, sinks, closets and office equipment. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re showing respect for your peers with your printing habits

Amazing Prototypes Built with 3D Printing

Although the basic patents for 3D printing were developed and filed in the 1980s, the practical uses for 3D printing have only ramped up the last decade. This process makes it easier to create more complex and detailed shapes. 3D printing has led to innovations across industries. Doctors, carpenters and even anthropologists have incorporated 3D printing into their work. Learn more about what 3D printers can make and how we’re using them today.

Which Paper Should I Buy for my Office?

With all the responsibilities that come with being a business owner, chances are you’re not too concerned about which paper you should buy for your office printers. But, each type of office printing paper has different purposes and advantages – some are even made for specific printers. Knowing which paper to buy and use for your printing needs will help you achieve better print quality. Here are some common types of printer paper, which styles are best for each function and factors you should look for when buying paper