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6 Quick Easy Tips to Reduce Color Printing Costs

Implementing a good print policy is something that many offices fail to do. This oversight can lead to a lot of wasted toner, paper and profit. Not having a print policy in place allows anyone in your organization to print anything, at any time, which can really add up. Having a policy in place can help cut these costs and improve your bottom line.

Cost Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing

Most offices have no formal print policy and they don't track printing expenses. Understand these cost cutting initiatives for office printing and save budget.

Understand the Difference Between Toner and Ink (And How it Can Transform Your Office Budget)

Do you understand the difference between toner and ink? This information is valuable when it comes to productivity and costs. Learn more from Cartridge World!

Reduce Toner Cartridge Cost: 8 Money Saving Tips

By taking a few or all 8 of our money saving tips to reduce toner cartridge cost, your office budget will feel an immediate relief. Visit CartridgeWorld today!

What Impact Does Color Printing Have on Education?

How often do you print in color? For a long time, color printer ink has been a luxury for many consumers. It was reserved for special events – DIY wedding invitations, business proposals or the occasional digital photo. But in education, the link between color printouts and comprehension – as well as engagement – has been shown to be strong.

How Long Should I Keep My Printer? 5 Warning Signs You’re Due for an Upgrade

The average small business’ laser printer lifespan is two to three years. However, unsurprisingly, many office managers and business owners are apprehensive to let go of a printer after such a seemingly short period of time. After all, why would you want to go through the hassle of researching new printer models, doling out hundreds of dollars and then having to learn the ins and outs of a completely new device – especially when the old printer seems to work decently?