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How Much is Printer Downtime Costing You? [Infographic]

In order to optimize office productivity, it’s important to limit downtime. IT issues – from slow printers to paper jams – are typically the main culprits behind that lost time. Employees waste about 22 minutes a day on IT issues, including printing—that can total up to 91 hours a year. This cuts into time employees could spend on other projects and can cause frustration around the office.

Cartridge World Named a Top 2018 Global Franchises

Being recognized for achievement is always an honor. Recently, Entrepreneur Magazine named Cartridge World one of the top global franchises of 2018.

Three Of the Most Common Printer Mistakes To Avoid In Your Office

Considering the number of employees that you have working in your office that use the printer on a daily basis, it's no wonder that printing mistakes are regularly made. Most specifically, there are three key areas where employees commonly make mistakes:

Is it time to trade in your old office printer or copier?

Older office technology can be a source of frustration. However, many businesses keep these devices because they’re unaware of how easy the alternative is. Trading in old equipment for newer models is easy and will help your business continue to grow.

How Much Do Hotels Spend on Printing Every Day?

While labor costs top the list of biggest hotel expenditures, operating expenses come in at a close second – accounting for more than one-third of a hotel’s overall expenses. And although real estate or utilities make up a significant portion of the operational expenses, another top hotel cost contributing to these high costs may surprise you – printing.

4 Tips to Reduce School-Related Printer Waste

Students and educators print everything from study guides to notes, and these printing costs – about 10 cents per page – can quickly add up. This is especially true if irresponsible printing is causing significant paper waste.