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4 Tips to Reduce Paper Usage When Printing

The rising popularity of hand held and portable electronics led some to predict that paper usage and paper waste would decrease. In actuality, demand is steady and paper continues to be a top waste product for businesses. On average, 50 percent of business waste is composed of paper. Whether it’s in your office or at home, there are a variety of ways to reduce printer paper usage. Check out some quick and easy strategies you can implement today.

'The INKredible Small Business Contest' Launches for National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is almost upon us and from April 29 – May 5,and in its latest effort to help small businesses, Cartridge World is launching its ‘The INKredible Small Business Contest’. The national contest will award one lucky business with a free printer and ink or toner cartridges for a year, courtesy of Cartridge World, the small business experts.

Are You a Green Printer?

Paper comprises 50 percent of business’ waste, and the average American uses 700 pounds of paper products each year. This translates into a significant amount of waste – particularly if paperboard and other products do not get recycled. We conducted a survey of over 200 Cartridge World customers and were happy to see that many of them are already environmentally-conscious with their printing choices. Here are a few highlights from our results

48% of Color Challenge Participants Can't Tell Difference Between OEM and Cartridge World Toner

Color printing’s benefits in business extend far beyond mere aesthetic appeal. Studies have shown color used in marketing materials can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Colorful documents and presentations can also improve learning and comprehension while enhancing brand’s perceived quality.

What is MPS? What You Need to Know About Managed Print Services

If you’re a business owner, most likely you’ve heard of Managed Print Services (MPS) before. But do you really understand what it’s about, and what it can do for your business? MPS can help you gain control and visibility of your print infrastructure, allowing you to reduce costs and increase productivity. MPS can also improve your environmental sustainability and improve document security. Let’s look at little closer

Mailing in Your Taxes This Year? What You Need to Know

After e-file’s growing popularity, the IRS has been receiving fewer and fewer paper tax filings. But, many people still opt for paper filings – out of concern for personal tax and financial data security, or to avoid extra fees associated with most e-payment methods. Here are a few printing tips and other considerations you should keep in mind before sending in your taxes