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It's Time to Upgrade Your Printer this School Year

Each school year, there are new printer upgrades that can drive down operating costs while maximizing efficiency. A printer goes through wear and tear of a year’s worth of homework assignments and potentially personal use too.

How Can Print Management Help IT Leaders?

When we ask IT leaders what keeps them up at night, it’s usually no surprise that office printing doesn’t come up.

Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Printer?

If you've been tasked with updating your print environment, you're probably wondering whether you should purchase or lease your next printer. Both options have pros and cons and it really depends on your specific needs and wants.

TOP 3 Printer Service Issues and How to Avoid Them

Who responds to the flashing light on your printer? In most offices, it’s an overqualified IT person that should be working on mission critical projects

How Much Does Printer Service Cost?

The quick answer is too much. Of course, the overall cost of not being able to print can go well beyond the invoice for the repair if deadlines are missed or people are delayed. Research suggests that a printed hardcopy document is still needed to complete 40% of most business processes.

Top 4 FAQ's about Home Printing

Whether you’re printing in an office or at home, printer problems can be frustrating. With the right provider, however, you’ll be able to get your questions and concerns answered almost as soon as they arise.