Can You Run a Business From Your Mobile Phone? 

Tuesday November 1, 2016

These days, the majority of individuals use smartphones to accomplish much more than simply making phone calls. Business leaders, especially, rely on smartphones to consistently keep their fingers on the pulse of their businesses.

While smartphones undoubtedly supplement a business as much as they do our daily lives, is it possible to run a business solely from a mobile device? According to, the CEO of Coca-Cola does it, as does the co-founder of Google and a number of other top executives. 

Cloud-based business applications are making it easier than ever to take business on the go, and project management software makes it simple for leaders to tap into updates and status reports of all aspects of their business with the touch of a button. In fact, many agree that the bulk of business operations, including communication, marketing, scheduling and accounting, can be managed through a mobile device, oftentimes with more convenience than traditional desktop management thanks to the flexibility of doing so from anywhere, at any time.


Communication between a business leader and his or her team is a crucial component to running a successful company. Employees must have a clear understanding of goals and objectives, and the leader must be available for questions, clarification or feedback. In addition, just as business leaders have access to their company through a mobile device, so do customers. They can provide businesses with feedback at any time, and in this age of connectivity, they expect a response almost immediately. The ability for business leaders to consistently check in on the company on-the-go is vital for keeping effective lines of communication open between employees and customers alike. Emails, phone calls, social media responses and more can all be easily accomplished through a smartphone.


Social media marketing has become an integral part of running just about any business. With access to all social media sites through a mobile device, it has never been easier to provide customers and the public with a consistent stream of new content for them to engage with. Posts can be created through smartphones using applications and features to enhance content and messaging, and posts can easily be uploaded in real time or scheduled for a later date.


A business leader must rely on a detailed schedule to ensure all meetings, phone calls and deadlines are kept and met. Professionalism is among the top key ingredients in a successful company, so an integrated calendar is essential. Additionally, there are many applications available to help track time spent on individual tasks, to-do lists and more. It is easier than ever to not only understand how much time is spent on projects and tasks, but to add dollar values to them to get a clear picture of much money is being earned (or spent) on certain activities.


Maintaining a clear financial picture is another crucial component of running a successful enterprise. This includes employee payroll, vendor payments and the ability to accept customer payments. With accounting software available today, such as QuickBooks, financial data is easily available through a smartphone, giving business leaders the capabilities to review numbers, create and send invoices and analyze sales and receivables, from anywhere.

While it is certainly possible to run a business from a smartphone, and perhaps in many cases much more convenient to do so, it is still important for business leaders to consider access to documents in hard copy, if needed. To further enhance smartphone capabilities for running a business, Cartridge World has developed a mobile app, PrintWorld™, to allow for on-the-go printing and scanning from WiFi-connected locations.

Powered by Samsung, PrintWorld™ provides more than 96 million mobile business leaders and workers around the world the ability to print and scan documents from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, making Cartridge World an innovative leader in the wireless, remote revolution for the business world.