Cartridge World Offers Business Opportunity to International Entrepreneurs 

Wednesday September 16, 2015

It’s no easy task starting a new life in a foreign country, but thanks to Cartridge World, business owners are finding plenty of help along the way. The global printing solutions franchisor is helping foreign entrepreneurs and their families start their own Cartridge World business and immigrate to the United States. 

Staying true to its global brand, Cartridge World’s 1,000 stores span over 50 countries. However, in recent years, bringing in an international presence to the United States has been just as high a priority. Many of the foreign franchisees that Cartridge World is recruiting into its system are finding a home in Florida, where the thriving business environment, diverse population and Cartridge World brand has a strong presence. In fact, Florida Cartridge World Master Franchisee, Francisco Garrido, has played a key role in easing the transition of immigrating to the United States and starting a business at the same time. 

“Once a candidate meets our requirements, we sign all the essential paperwork, help with registering a new business entity, find a location for their future store, and assist in obtaining a visa. We do everything in our power to take out the many stresses of this process and offer guidance through each step,” said Francisco Garrido. “I’ve found that international franchisees are incredibly appreciative of this opportunity. Cartridge World is highly attractive due to its low investment, ease of running a store, recurring clients and family friendly business hours. We have a great business model.” Cartridge World is ranked among the Top 100 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Cartridge World has brought in international franchisees near and far from Europe, South America and Africa. In the last year, three new franchisees from Venezuela have joined the company. There may be no better success story than Ramon Casanova, current owner of Cartridge World in Coral Springs, Florida. 

“The situation in Venezuela was becoming socially and economically unstable. For my family, I knew moving to the United States and joining Cartridge World would ensure a brighter future,” said Ramon Casanova. “Now we have the opportunity to grow our business based on our efforts in a country with clear and equal rules. Most importantly, we are under a stable legal status that allows us to keep focus working and living in a safe environment.” 

The international franchisees are offering the Cartridge World brand plenty in return. With a different view of problems and innovative solutions, foreign business owners have added unique business experience which is especially important for success working with the diverse range of multicultural clients in Florida. The mix of backgrounds and cultures has resulted in high levels of enthusiasm, drive and mutual support, making franchisees in Florida some of the best in Cartridge World USA. 

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