College 101: Save More for Back-to-School

Thursday August 25, 2016

Cartridge World, the leading printer, printer services and printer cartridge specialist to both business and home users, is helping college students find the right printers this back-to-school shopping season.

As students head to college this fall, their list of necessities seems never ending. In addition to text books and computers, a reliable printer is usually an essential purchase for any college student.

Finding a top quality, budget-friendly printer isn't as easy as it sounds, but Cartridge World is here to help. Before jumping on the first ‘great printer deal’ you find, talk to Cartridge World's trained staff. They may be able to save a lot of headaches and a small fortune in the long run.

Customers can purchase a printer through Cartridge World, and the staff is ready to assist and make recommendations on a variety of printer models. Also, Cartridge World's ink and toner cartridges provide optimum, consistent print quality, with a print defect-free performance every time, whilst providing a significant cost saving. Over a four-year period, eco-friendly ink and toner cartridges for popular home printer models can save a student as much as $800 over new cartridge prices. Shipping is available if a local Cartridge World store isn’t located near a student’s college campus.

Cartridge World stores offer a few easy tips to help students find the best printer to take to college:

  1. Determine the cost for ink. Over the lifetime of a printer, the cost of ink can be 10 times as much as the purchase price of the printer.
  2. Stay away from tri-color ink cartridges. They cost a fortune because when one color is empty, you need to replace the entire cartridge.
  3. Look for a machine that will fit your room. The average dorm room is fairly small and your desk isn’t likely to have room for a big, bulky printer. Choose a printer that’s small enough to fit the space.
  4. Evaluate your printing needs. Take into account what type of classes you will be taking, including if the class requires printing large research documents, high-quality photographs, etc.
  5. Look for reliability. Take expert advice on printer reliability, read reviews and make sure the printer is easy to use.

With more than 400 stores across the US, Cartridge World is the leading printer, printer services and printer cartridge specialist to both business and home users, and can help make your back-to-school experience a breeze.

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