Copier and Printer Tips for a Long Life! 

Friday November 2, 2018

Your copier and MFPs are complex devices that can wear out and break down over time without a little TLC along the way. Simple maintenance can keep them running at peak efficiency for a long time.

Here are seven tips to prolong the life of all of your print devices!


  1. Train Users – Do your employees understand the full functionality of your devices? Most simply hit the print button and that's where it stops! Take the time to train your team. A little training goes a long way towards improved productivity.


  1. Buy Right – Copiers, printers and MFPs are rated based on volume. Overworking or underworking your device can mean more service calls and longer downtime. Make sure you buy or lease based on your specific output needs for best results.


  1. Keep it Clean! - Dust is the enemy of every device. Clean the glass weekly, vacuum the paper trays monthly. Dust can cause rollers to slip and degrade output. Always keep food and drink away from your devices!


  1. Keep Sharp Objects Away – Scissors or paperclips can scratch the glass platen. Even the smallest scratch can affect output. Dust and debris can scratch the glass too. Always check the machine and your document (paperclips, staples etc.) before you place it on the glass.


  1. Turn Your Device Off – When not in use turn it off, or at least make sure it is in hibernation mode. You'll not only use less energy and save money, you'll extend the life of your device.


  1. End of Life Care – Whether you're upgrading or at the end of your lease, before any device leaves your office make sure you've removed the hard drive or securely erased the device. This will prevent proprietary or confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.


  1. Save Time and Money, Partner Up! - You can always visit your local Cartridge World repair specialists when your device goes down, but having a maintenance contract in place is easier and often more cost effective. Cartridge World offers Managed Print Services (MPS) that includes maintenance, service  and emergency repair. A partner who keeps your devices up and running can save you time and money!


Want to learn more about how MPS can help you grow your business? Give us a call for a free no-obligation print assessment!

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