Cut Back on Printing Costs in 2019 and Beyond

Tuesday December 18, 2018

When looking to reduce costs, you may be forgetting to look at one of the most frequently used devices in the office: the printer. The costs associated with printing are often considered unavoidable, but by identifying problem areas, you can save up to thousands of dollars a year.


Having the wrong equipment is a major source of unnecessary print spending. To save money, consider:

  • Replacing older devices with newer Energy-Star rated devices. This will save power, and therefore money.
  • Using all-in-one devices rather than single-function equipment. Consolidating your equipment into fewer devices will help reduce the long-term costs of supplies and repairs. Sticking with a single manufacturer for all your devices will also streamline these costs.
  • Investing in quality printers. Though it may be tempting to purchase low-cost printers up front, these devices often end up costing you significantly more in the long run, requiring more maintenance, more expensive ink and toner costs, and being less able to hand large print volumes.


There are a number of ways you could be wasting money on your printer usage that you are probably not aware of. Taking the time to examine your print environment can identify some key areas that are wasting money.

  • Default print settings are often inefficient, often set for single-sided high-quality color printing. Encourage employees to switch to black and white double-sided printing whenever possible.
  • Poor placement of printers leads to a loss of productivity, causing employees to waste time waiting for their printing tasks.
  • Supply use can drive up your costs. Be sure to store all supplies securely and keep a running inventory so you can track any unnecessary use of your expensive supplies.

Support and Repair

Occasionally your printers will fail, leading to a loss of productivity and expensive repairs. Purchasing reliable devices upfront can help reduce the downtime you will experience. A Managed Print Services provider can help you save time and money by freeing up your in-house IT team who is often unable to properly repair these devices.

Many companies find that hiring a Managed Print Services provider to help design an efficient and cost-effective print environment can help them identify the areas that are costing them the most. An MPS provider can advise you on ways to save money, and provide the necessary support and repairs you will need over time. Your local print experts at Cartridge World can help provide you a print assessment, on-site service, and reliable printer supplies for all your printing needs. Contact your local Cartridge World today to learn more!