Don’t Be That Person – Top 5 Annoying Office Printing Habits That Are Driving Your Boss Crazy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wednesday November 28, 2018

We’re all familiar with coworkers’ annoying printing habits – from ignoring an error code to neglecting to refill the paper tray. Still, there are countless printing habits you may have that are irritating the most important people in your work life – your leadership team.

Here are the top five annoying printing habits that not only waste time and money, but could also be putting you on your boss’ bad side:

  1. Overspending on consumables like ink and toner
    1. Most offices spend up to 30% more than necessary on OEM and big box store cartridges
  2. Printing in color instead of in black and white
    1. Color printed pages can be anywhere from 2x to 10x more expensive than black and white[1]
  3. Not getting formal procurement approval for print-related expenses
    1. 37% to 41% of print-related expenses – like small printers and consumables – are never formally approved by the organization[2]
  4. Bogging down the IT department with easy-to-fix printer issues
    1. 27% of IT help desk calls are print-related[3]
  5. Printing unnecessary pages
    1. The typical office workers prints 10,000 pages per year[4]

i.Annual cost per person: $725

ii.Annual discarded total: 4 million tons of copy paper

Implementing an office print policy or partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can go a long way in saving your employees time and frustration, while saving your business thousands of dollars each year.

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