Exploring the Power of Print

Tuesday May 26th, 2015

No one knows the excitement and thrill of great printing better than the local printing experts at Cartridge World. As we quickly move forward with technological advancements, our passion and inspiration for new ways to print continually soars to new heights. Today, it seems that most individuals are bored with the common printed presentation, and are looking for new ways to print. Printing has become a household and office necessity in the past 20 years for many things including homework, business tasks, and normal everyday needs. Printing is so average that sometimes we don’t recognize the great achievements this technology can bring. 3-D printing has an exciting future and we are looking forward to seeing this technology become just as widely adopted as the printers we have in our home and offices.

One 3-D printing marvel is the “Electron”, which is the first battery-powered rocket. The Electron is designed to carry mini satellites into space at a much lower cost and frequency than today’s current technology. This advancement could allow more satellites to be launched and potentially lead to some game changing opportunities. The “Electron” is the first hydrocarbon engine to use 3D printing for all of its critical components.

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Another 3D printing marvel is the integration and design of a retrofit part used in a commercial jet engine. GE is working with Boeing to upgrade 400 of its jet engines with a 3D printed engine component.

3D printing is going to play a major role in new manufacturing techniques and offer the potential of faster prototyping, better part replacement, lower costs on manufacturing, and open up creative thinkers to do what they do best – explore the power of print. Companies continually have to stay current with all the advancements in printing, and Cartridge World strives to always be known as the local printing experts.