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According to a recent Consumer Reports study, when a printer is used infrequently (typical residential use), a significant percentage of ink is not making it onto paper. Instead, the ink is being wasted on printer maintenance chores such as cleaning printer heads.

“In intermittent use, plenty of models delivered half or less of their ink to the page, and a few managed no more than 20 to 30%,” Consumer Reports said. While the report found that most printers used the majority of ink on printing, only a few came close to using it all.

Printer manufacturers make their money from ink and toner cartridge sales. Their business model forces consumers to replace cartridges on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the high cost of new ink cartridges hurts the checkbook and the environment.

Mark Pinner Cartridge World’s Chief Technical Officer

Pinner adds that over the past 10 years, ink levels in some inkjet cartridges have decreased by as much as 90%. “This systematic reduction in ink volume, along with the introduction of ‘starter’ cartridges packaged with new printers, is simply aimed at making customers purchase a replacement cartridge as soon as possible.”

According to the Consumer Reports study, only Brother printers were “consistently frugal when ink was used intermittently” during the testing. Other manufacturer results varied widely depending on the printer model.

Luckily, most Brother printers also use ink and toner cartridges that can be easily recycled and refilled. This can save up to 30% off the cost of a new cartridge and reduce waste in landfills. Over the life of a printer, Cartridge World’s eco-friendly printer cartridges can save businesses and consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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