Gift Givers Guide to Printers


Thursday December 13, 2018

From your boss to your family members, finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone in your life can be stressful. Fortunately, there are plenty of fail-proof ideas you can get for everyone on your list. Whether they are a business professional or a home-based business owner, everyone uses printers on a near daily basis. Here is The Gift Giver’s Guide to Printers this holiday season:

For the Home

This gift is for the person whose printing needs are primarily domestic. They need to print everything, including coupons, photographs, recipes, tax documents and other items. Versatility and high-quality photo capabilities are key for this person. Inkjet printers with printing and other capabilities make the perfect gift.

For the Business Professional

The business professional’s primary printing needs will obviously be work-related – from printing research to presentations and e-mails. The perfect printer for them will be a multi-function device for increased efficiency. A laser printer is also a great option for office employees who need to print high volumes of documents.

For the Student

Many students are serial procrastinators, so the fastest printer possible will be ideal for printing last-minute papers and study materials. Laser printers are some of the fastest printers on the market, with low operating costs for the budget-conscious student.

This year, find the perfect printer for everyone in your life. To learn more about which types of printers are best for each personality on your list, check out our infographic.

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