Giving Back Through Recycling

Wednesday December 9, 2015

The holiday season is about giving. Kick off 2016 with an eco-friendly recycling program!

At Cartridge World, we offer specialized fundraising projects that everyone can in 2016 to raise money for schools, churches, or organizations within their own communities, and help those most in need.

The Fundraising Plan:

How does Cartridge World work in collaboration with non-profit organizations?

  1. Organize a recycling plan: Your school, church, club or organization can start collecting empty printer cartridges and old cell phones. You can collect them from offices, schools, even homes in your town. Cartridge World will even provide the storage totes or shipping boxes. Talk to your local Cartridge World store to set up an account.  
  2. Turn in your recyclables: Once everything is gathered, recycle the empty printer cartridges and old cell phones at your neighborhood Cartridge World location with help from a member of our friendly staff. Can’t get them all to the store? No problem! You can also arrange pick up with us!
  3. Collect earnings: When everything is settled, you will receive cash toward your cause. Plus, the opportunity to save even more on home and business printing costs through our line of eco-friendly cartridges and products.

And, that is it!

Millions of our customers have already taken advantage of these opportunities and improved their communities. Best of all, not only do these fundraising opportunities mean the world to deserving organizations, but they help to keep old electronics and cartridges our of landfills and improve the environment as well!

For more information about our fundraising program, or to get started, visit your local Cartridge World store today.