Going Paperless – Why Is It Taking So Long? 


Wednesday August 23, 2017

Why is it taking so long for businesses to fully shift towards a paperless workplace? The answer to this question can be quite complex and wide in scope, let’s break it down…

It’s true that workplaces have been adapting towards going paperless in recent years. As a result, reported business benefits include: lower costs, improved customer responsiveness and a smaller environmental footprint.

However, there are many businesses who haven’t considered the benefits of storing their important workplace documents on a Cloud storage system. For many businesses that still operate behind the digital curve, the stacks of paper and filing cabinets full of documents still seems to be standard.

The truth is, the old way of storing important workplace documents on paper is quickly giving way to digital documents that can be stored in a Cloud, so employees can access these documents at anytime, anywhere. For some organizations it may take longer, especially if they aren’t able to overcome these three common barriers to going paperless:


1.     Long-Standing Habits

2.     Inability to Make a Move

3.     Unwillingness to Change Culturally


Let’s take a more in-depth look:

Long-Standing Habits: Many habits can lead a company down a path that is resistant to change; and reducing paper consumption is one of the biggest changes a company might consider. Some bad habits include putting printers on every floor (along with other paper-consuming devices), thankfully there are ways to limiting their use.

Inability to Make a Move: It’s called ‘analysis paralysis’ – the inability to make a move due to an overwhelming scope. Digitizing thousands of documents seems like an enormous job; and it can easily lead to this type of paralysis. However, once a company invests the time and effort, the rewards will make them wonder why they hesitated so long. Thankfully there are new and advanced document capture technologies that make digitizing documents affordable, fast and easy.

Unwillingness to Change Culturally: Change can be difficult—especially for company owners or leaders who have risen to business success without ever worrying about how much paper they use. Luckily, there are several options to help reduce excess paper consumption.

It’s true that some workplaces are advocates of a totally paperless office/business. However, the reality of this proposition is one that may never fully transpire. Paper documents will always be needed, whether it’s in a court room, school, hospital, etc. Hardcopy documents are necessary in various fields of work every day. Ideally, shifting towards keeping confidential/highly important documents stored & backed up on a Cloud device can help limit excess paper consumption. Differentiating between what’s necessary to print and what can be stored on the Cloud will help bridge the gap towards a hybrid paperless workplace.

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