Halloween Printing at Home 

Tuesday October 20, 2015

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2015, it is predicted that Americans will spend $6.9 Billion on Halloween.

Let that sink in for a second. That’s billion. As in “Big Business.”

Costumes, candy, decorations, parties, Halloween pet paraphernalia, etc. There’s just something about the Halloween holiday that grips everyone and their cash, and won’t let go.

But for those in-the-know there is a better, more economical way to celebrate All Hallows Eve without spending too much. Printing your Halloween decorations at home!

Some families don’t want to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations from big box stores. Instead of tapping into their wallets, they tap into their creativity, and use templates taken from websites and their own home printers.

Pumpkin Carving Templates:

What Halloween is complete without silly/scary/funny pumpkins? Print your pumpkin carving templates from Pinterest, or create masks for your jack-o-lanterns and add something to your home that’s truly original.

Coloring Pages:

More for the little ones, create festive Halloween coloring pages for FREE.

Personalized Masks:

Looking to complete your Halloween costume by creating a unique look all your own? Try printing portable Day of the Dead masks from the “Create. Craft. Love.” Company. They can be customized and will add excitement that no one will forget.

What You Will Need: 

Most of these printables can come right off of your standard color inkjet printer at home. Plus, Brochure or Multipurpose paper will be a must for the kind of printed decorating you have in mind - as will card stock, and possibly printable cotton canvas. Of course, each type of printable decoration may have its own requirements.

For the best printers and cartridges visit your local Cartridge World store. We will provide everything you need to make your Halloween celebration spooktacular.