How Much Do Hotels Spend on Printing Every Day?

Thursday September 13, 2018

While labor costs top the list of biggest hotel expenditures, operating expenses come in at a close second – accounting for more than one-third of a hotel’s overall expenses. And although real estate or utilities make up a significant portion of the operational expenses, another top hotel cost contributing to these high costs may surprise you – printing.

Printing is a top-three expense for businesses, quickly following payroll and rent/utilities. Yet, nearly 90 percent of businesses don’t know how much they spend on printing.


Challenges Facing Hospitality Businesses


It may seem like the number of documents hotels print is relatively low, especially compared to legal offices or other industries that print hundreds of pages every day. But, inefficient printing affects those in the hospitality industry just as much as other verticals. Not only do hotel staff need to print any number of pages for guests at their front desk or business center, printed sheets remain a central part of hotel business operations for management – especially for payroll, time sheets, and guest bills and invoices.

Printing has also become an important part of customer service for hotels. From travel documentation to local maps and restaurant menus, hotel front desk offices’ complimentary printing for guests can quickly add up. Guests’ increasing desire for greater personalization has also translated into higher printing costs for hotels, as they print new, personalized itineraries and other materials for each guest.   

And since customer service is their No. 1 priority, slow or inefficient printing is not something they can easily ignore. Quickly-mounting printing costs and the need for reliable, efficient printing are just two significant challenges facing hoteliers – especially as they try to cut down on operating expenses.


Areas to Improve


Because low expense visibility and control is one of the biggest printing challenges for hotels, implementing a managed print program can help immensely.

By monitoring each person’s printing habits, a managed print services (MPS) provider offers insights into how much an employee or department prints. Not only does this show managers where printing inefficiencies may arise, it also allows them to manage and optimize end-to-end print output. This eliminates unnecessary waste and printing costs – as much as 30 percent almost immediately.

Managed print service providers also offer other advantages to help hotels increase efficiency, including onsite maintenance and proactive supplies ordering. This ensures all their printers and other equipment are running at peak efficiency, so hotel staff can provide guests top-notch customer service.


How Cartridge World Can Help Hotels


With Cartridge World, you can have a local MPS provider that offers measurable results and tangible strategies to consistently improve your print environment.

Our goal is to help manage your print environment seamlessly, freeing your time to focus on growing your hotel business, while improving productivity, customer service, streamlining workflows and reducing print costs.

Proactive supplies ordering and complimentary onsite maintenance translate into minimal downtime for exceptional guest service, and consistent monitoring allows us to continue improving your print cost and efficiency savings every day.


Contact your local Cartridge World today to learn how your hotel can start saving, and how MPS can help benefit your business!