How Much do Law Firms Rely on Printing?

Thursday August 16, 2018

Most businesses are overspending on printing due to outdated or nonexistent tracking methods, and they don’t even know it. While this can impact a business print budget, for paper-heavy industries, like the legal industry, it can skew a budget significantly.

The average officer employee prints 10,000 pages a year. If that seems like a lot, it’s nothing in comparison to the average attorney’s 100,000 pages a year, which doesn’t include any pages that may be printed offsite.

Huge print volumes like this can cause budgets to skyrocket, especially if not monitored properly. This is how much law firms rely on printing and the areas that call for improvement:

Challenges Facing Law Firms

Attorneys print paper copies of important documents like agreements and contracts for civil proceedings and briefs, depositions and minutes for more involved cases.

Depending on the type of printer being used, a single page can cost five cents. While this may not seem like much, it adds up to roughly $5,000 a year per attorney and most firms have several associates and partners.

With these high page volumes, the law industry struggles with low spend visibility and therefore, has issues controlling the spending. Part of these budget issues could be attributed to multiple vendors, which can be pricey and challenging to coordinate. With such a large chunk of the office budget at stake, it’s important to carefully evaluate the areas for improvement.

Areas to Improve

Large amounts of paper and money go into a print strategy so optimization can save legal organizations in multiple aspects.

Evaluate the current equipment. Some printers are cheaper but have higher operating costs. Lower operational costs can be a hidden money saver. Consider stocking those machines with lower cost alternatives for ink and toner to cut spending.

Simplifying the print process can lower costs too. Consider consolidating your vendors and equipment, and discard outdated machines and processes. These tips will simplify your print workflow and create significant savings opportunities.

How Cartridge World Can Help Law Firms

Managed print services from a vendor like Cartridge World make office print management a one-stop shop. Cartridge World offers low-cost alternatives to pricey equipment and supplies and will deliver directly to your office through our proactive automated distribution.

Cartridge World even offers service and maintenance, freeing up internal IT departments to complete other necessary work. A print management service can cut costs up to 30 percent and reduce office printing hassles.

To learn more about how Cartridge World can benefit paper heavy companies like law firms, check out our business printing solutions.