How Much Do Manufacturers Rely on Printing?

Thursday August 16, 2018

The majority of businesses don’t know how much they spend on printing and lack the systems in place to track their print volume. As a top-four expense for small to medium-sized businesses, the cost of equipment, supplies and maintenance can add up – especially for paper-heavy industries like manufacturing.

High costs for supplies and upkeep can weigh on businesses. In fact, up to 30 percent of manufacturing businesses are overspending on printing. This is how much manufacturers rely on printing and the areas that call for improvement:

Challenges Facing Manufacturing Businesses

The average employee prints 10,000 pages a year. This may seem like a high volume, but manufacturing employees can easily exceed this number. Many of their printed output come from manuals, brochures, faxed invoices, order forms and labels. High volume printing on this scale requires extra supplies and maintenance just to keep up.

Manufacturers often struggle with no cost control, overall budget issues and low spend visibility. Many businesses are reactive, waiting until they are out of supplies to reorder. This can halt production and extend printing queues. On top of it all, poor service leads employees to reach out to IT departments and clog to-do lists with printer related issues. Mismanaged print budget and services exacerbate office inefficiencies and slow down manufacturers.

Areas to Improve

Working with multiple vendors to coordinate equipment, supplies and maintenance can create hassles and increase cost. Instead, consider coordinating all of your printing needs with a single vendor that can provide all the necessary supplies and offers solutions to common office setbacks.

At the same time, work toward consolidating your equipment as well. Donate outdated printers, and create a print fleet of only your most useful devices like multifunction printers. Look for low-cost alternatives to OEM toner and other necessary supplies to keep those printers in the best shape.

Cutting costs doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, and the right provider can offer solutions and alternatives to current budget-breaking procedures.

How Cartridge World Can Help Manufacturers

Cartridge World offers a variety of print solutions for businesses including a one-stop shop for equipment, supplies and maintenance. Cartridge World experts will conduct an on-site evaluation and offer custom-tailored solutions.