How Much Does Printer Service Cost?

Monday July 23, 2018 

The quick answer is too much. Of course, the overall cost of not being able to print can go well beyond the invoice for the repair if deadlines are missed or people are delayed.

Research suggests that a printed hardcopy document is still needed to complete 40% of most business processes. So, when the printer goes down, so can your business. Customers start waiting, employees are delayed, and business opportunities are missed – all because the printer needs service.

Here’s how most small businesses are acquiring printer service and the cost:

  1. Time and Materials – Otherwise known as T&M, this is a reactive service option that can be expensive versus other options. On a Time and Materials service call the customer typically pays a travel fee, an hourly rate for the time the technician is on site (often with a minimum charge for one hour) and of course the parts required to repair the printer. Because you are not a regular customer, some service providers have been accused of adding additional parts to the invoice to gross up the repair bill.
  • Estimated Printer Service Cost: $150 – includes travel Fee and one-hour labor (parts extra)
  1. Annual Service Agreement – This has traditionally been a popular option for small businesses to hedge against the unknown cost of an unforeseen printer repair. It’s essentially an insurance policy that covers labor and parts to fix your printer at your location. The cost and term of these Service Agreements can vary widely including what’s covered and what is not. For example, many of these agreements do not cover major repair items like a motherboard which sort of negates the true intention of a “Service Agreement”.
  • Estimated Printer Service Cost: $250 - $600 per year depending on printer make, model and usage.
  1. Managed Print Contact – This is a method of billing that has gained popularity by charging a “Cost-Per-Print” that includes service and toner. Often these printer service agreements come with a minimum print volume commitment which causes some small businesses to worry amidst declining print volumes. This service program often comes with escalators that allow the service provider to charge extra for toner coverage above 20% on a printed page.
  • Estimated Printer Service Cost: Starting at 3 cents per page for black and white prints and 7 to 25 cents for color prints – with minimum volume commitment.
  1. Service & Equipment Included with Toner Purchases – Exclusive to Cartridge World, this Why Buy a Printer? program provides small businesses with;
    • Expert advice on printer selection
    • Printer hardware
    • On-site printer service

Simply by making a commitment to buying Premium Quality toner cartridges from Cartridge World, most businesses save up to 30% on toner purchases alone and there’s no monthly volume commitment so this program tends to align better with most people looking to print less – not more.

  • Estimated Printer Service Cost: No Additional Charge when you agree to buy your toner from Cartridge World.


It’s your choice. Why not get Printers and Printer Service included with your Toner Purchases?

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