How Samsung Created a Virtual Experience at the 2016 Paralympics 

Thursday October 27, 2016

The augmented and virtual reality market is a fast-growing segment, with top companies such as Google and Microsoft unveiling a stream of innovative technology and products to allow users to interact with a 3D artificial environment in a virtual world. Valued at $1.37 billion in 2015, the market for virtual reality technology is projected to reach $33.90 million by 2022. Among the top key players in the industry, Samsung is introducing a variety of products and technologies in the virtual reality realm.  

Virtual reality technology is used in a variety of situations, from entertainment and gaming to training tactics for industries such as aerospace and defense, as well as the medical field. With the public hungry to experience this new technology, VR is poised to continue expanding, with a multitude of other companies soon to follow in the footsteps of pioneers like Samsung.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Studio

In fact, a partner of the Olympic Games since 1988, Samsung recently revamped its Samsung Galaxy Studio to help fans embrace the excitement of the Paralympic Games through their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Its Gear VR 4D Experience Zone allows users to immerse themselves in exhilarating Olympic sports, roller coaster rides and kayaking through water rapids via Samsung Gear VR paired with a Galaxy mobile device.

To help showcase its recent advancements, French long jumper, Arnaud Assoumani, was invited to the Galaxy Studio to experience Samsung’s latest mobile products, including some of Samsung Mobile Accessibility technology features, designed to help those with various disabilities.

Bringing the Olympic Experience to the People

Since beginning its Olympic Games partnership, Samsung has extended its commitment to the Olympic Movement as the Worldwide Olympic Partner in wireless communications equipment through its proprietary wireless communications platform, Wireless Olympic Works (WOW), and mobile devices. The platform offers the Olympic Family with real-time, user location-based information, interactive communications and its Samsung Pay feature.

To help share the excitement of the Olympic Games with people around the world, Samsung also hosts various Olympic campaigns to help enable everyone to participate in the Games through its innovative mobile technology. In the coming years, Samsung is poised to expand its category of sponsorship of “Wireless Communication Equipment and Computing Equipment,” including smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers and other computing equipment, and desktop printers.

Furthering its commitment to innovation, Samsung has partnered with Cartridge World to develop PrintWorld™, a mobile app that allows for on-the-go printing and scanning from Wi-Fi-connected locations to allow access to a printer for remote employees from a remote workspace.

Powered by Samsung, PrintWorld™ provides more than 96 million mobile and remote workers around the world the ability to print and scan documents from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, combining innovation with strategic partnership to make Samsung and Cartridge World providers of efficient and convenient operations for remote works and business leaders nationwide.