How to Choose the Right Printer for your Start Up

Friday, July 31st, 2105

How to Choose the Right Printer for your Start Up

Starting a business is difficult, but choosing the best printer doesn’t have to be. When you are building a business the last thing that is probably on your mind is printing. However, you’ll be surprised how important it is to be able to print in your new office or business. This overlooked detail can be the difference between getting everything up and running or having an unforeseen delay.

Your local Cartridge World can help select a printer that will benefit your business for years. A hasty decision on printers could cost your new business thousands of dollars more than it should. This is a critical time for your new business and cost savings now will pay off big down the road.

Our local printing experts are all about making the biggest impact on reducing cost and maximizing the quality of your printing. We don’t sacrifice quality or features in our recommendations. Chances are, you will end up with more printers and supplies at a lessor cost than if you lease one big copy machine. Here are the features you should consider when choosing a printer for a new business or start up:

  1. Consumables – Are you going to be printing a lot right off the bat? If so, and color isn’t necessary, your new business will be best suited by an inexpensive “black and white” printer that uses toner. Toner doesn’t “dry out” so if you are printing infrequently while you are ramping up your business – you aren’t wasting ink.
  2. Features – Make sure that your printer has all the necessary features your business needs. Many of the cheaper printers now have great business class features built in for no extra cost. Think about if you need to fax, copy, print double sided, and all the other features you need. Plus, if your business is still under construction you might need wi-fi on the printer so all you need to print is an internet connection.
  3. Space – Make sure that the printer is small enough to get the job done without being so large that you can’t move it easily around. Many times the printer(s) need to be moved or repositioned due to your office needs. This is why we recommend small desktop printers for each office vs one huge copy machine.
  4. Cost – Don’t spend a fortune on a really expensive printer right away – or ever. Your business needs to be lean and mean, not wasting money on printers. Rely on the expert advice at your local Cartridge World store. They can help you select a great printer that is affordable and will work for years to come.

Contact your local Cartridge World today for more information on printers, printing supplies, or questions about our products or services.