How To Fix Vertical Streaks When You Copy or Scan

Tuesday November 20, 2018

Have you ever experienced vertical streaks on your printed sheets of paper? This issue occurs more than you may think, and Cartridge World has the solution for you to fix it yourself!

Vertical streaks on printed sheets of paper is a well-known issue with an all-in-one printers. Do you ever have the issue where you're copying or scanning an image with something that has a glass surface? A lot of the times there's dust, whiteout or certain things that actually get stuck on the piece of glass that often gets neglected and forgotten about, hence why nobody ever cleans it.

If you’re experiencing vertical streaks on your printed sheets of paper, the following 4 steps may be great solutions for you:


  1. Find an alcohol wipe or sanitized cleaning wipe


  1. Take the wipe and rub it vertically up and down along the thin dark piece of glass along the side of the device


  1. Let the wipe residue dry for about 30 seconds to a minute


  1. Print another sheet of paper – vertical streaks should disappear!




If this is an issue you’ve experienced and would like to have one of our trusted Cartridge World experts walk you through step by step – our Printer Self Help Videos are perfect for you!

Watch ‘How To Fix Vertical Streaks When You Copy or Scan’ below!