How to Get the Best Quality Printer Cartridges at an Affordable Cost

Thursday February 16, 2017

These days it is common to find a quality printer for all your printing needs at an affordable price. The price tends to exponentially rise, however, to keep that printer stocked with quality ink and toner, mainly because printer manufacturers insist their ink and toner is the best suited for their specific models. In fact, printer manufacturers have long warned that using ink and toner from third party vendors can damage the printer or produce less than ideal results, despite having been proven wrong. Their ink and toner also happens to be the most expensive.

This may be in large part because printers are often sold at small profit margins, with the manufacturer making a larger profit from selling the cartridges that go along with them. In addition to the higher cost, original equipment manufactured (OEM) cartridges have even been shown to read a “low ink” status, causing the printer model to shut down when having as much as 40% ink still inside the cartridge. This makes OEM cartridges not only more expensive, but often requiring replacement long before it is actually necessary.

Fortunately, there are a number of quality options now available when it comes to printer cartridges, often much less expensive than purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

What’s the Difference?

When people purchase a new car, they do so with the understanding that regular maintenance and the occasional repair will be required. That does not mean, however, that they must go back to that same dealership for every need. In fact, many people use aftermarket car replacement parts over OEM for a number of repairs, saving a considerable amount of money with equal results.

Similarly, printer cartridges can be replaced for a fraction of the cost. There are two types of cartridges – ink and toner – for the two main types of printers, laser and inkjet. Toner cartridges, filled with magnetically charged powder rather than liquid ink, are used with laser printers, and liquid ink for ink cartridges. The biggest differences between the two are their cost and how long they last.

An inkjet cartridge will typically last for about 500 pages while toner cartridges last an average of 2,000 pages. For this reason, toner cartridges are often more expensive. While toner cartridges are best for large printing volumes, home printing needs are usually best met with ink cartridges.

How Cartridge World Compares

As the leading ink and toner retailer in the industry, Cartridge World invests in top-of-the-line ink and toner cartridges and produces them through a triple-check quality assurance process for consistently high-quality results at a savings up to 30 percent over OEM cartridges for customers.

Since the opening of a new Global Procurement Center (GPC), Cartridge World has continued enhancing product offerings with a combination of new systems for quality control through a three-stage process during which the quality of both the cartridges and their packaging is assessed.

With great value, high-performance ink and toner cartridges for home and business, our triple check quality assurance process ensures premium print quality, delivering consistent, defect-free printing – matching all major printer brands – at a lower cost. Find a Cartridge World store near you.