How to Keep Your Printer from Going Offline


Wednesday February 14, 2018 

When your printer isn’t printing any pages, it’s possible it has gone offline. This means your computer cannot communicate with the printer anymore, and there’s a variety of things that can cause a printer to go offline.

In order to resume printing you must bring your printer back online. Depending on the reason it switched off, there are a few easy troubleshooting tips that can get your printer online and get you back printing.

  1. Check your printer.

First you should examine your printer. Double-check that it has power and is on. Check any cords and connections to ensure they are secure. Check if you have any print jobs stuck in the queue – or check for any warning lights or messages. These could indicate if your printer has shifted to sleep mode. Usually, pressing the power button can wake your printer.

If all of the above seems operational and the connections are secure, consider a reboot. Turn your printer off by using power buttons, not disconnecting the power cord. Wait one minute after rebooting your printer. This reboot can often solve the connection issue and is a good place to start.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Many printers are connected wirelessly, especially within businesses that have multiple computers. If your offline printer has a wireless connection, check the internet. See if the connection is strong and if the connection to the computer you are printing from is operational.

A reboot of any internet equipment may be necessary as well. Again, wait one minute after rebooting to give the machine time to fully shut off and then turn back on again. Moving your router closer to your printer, if possible, may mitigate this issue in the future.

  1. Check Software After Windows Update

Outdated printer drivers or software could be inhibiting printing abilities. If your printer won’t print, and you just completed a Windows Update - check to see if any software needs to be updated. If an update is available download and install it before attempting to print again.

  1. Set Default Port

When setting up a printer you chose the preferred input and output settings. Open your control panel and printer settings to evaluate your default ports. Be sure that the correct ones are selected. If your computer is not connected correctly it will be sending messages to the wrong locations and unable to properly communicate with your printer.

These troubleshooting tips can get your printer back online and get you back printing. If you’re tired of managing printers and printer connectivity issues consider Cartridge World’s Why Buy a Printer program. Our network of printing experts provide printers, manage the hardware and maintenance and reduce the headache for you and your business.