How to Recycle My Office Equipment


Wednesday April 25, 2018

Computers, phones, tablets, copiers and a wide range of other electronics used for business are constantly updating. So what do you do with your equipment that has been replaced or has become obsolete? It can be difficult to be sure if your business is disposing of its equipment properly.

In many places, it is illegal for old electronics to be thrown away or sent to a landfill. Electronics can contain hazardous chemicals like mercury, lead and arsenic that can leach into the soil and cause contamination. The best way to dispose of these electronics is to recycle them. Over 75 percent of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle 30 percent of it.

Recycling old equipment can declutter your office and help the environment. The devices, if operational, can take on a new life or be used for parts. These steps can simplify the recycling process.

Prepare Your Equipment

Business equipment may contain sensitive information like financial records or passwords. If the equipment is operational, make sure to log on and restore the device to remove any private information. If the item is no longer in use, you can remove the hard drive and keep it as a business record. Unplugging and clearing out old items optimizes space, saves energy and money.

Working Equipment

Donate equipment and devices that still work to a worthy cause, like a nearby school, library or a second-hand shop like Goodwill, especially is the item is newer.

If a device has some surface damage but is mostly working, consider local recycling programs who will refurbish items and sell them second hand at a lower cost. Tech products can be expensive. You’ll save someone’s budget and keep one more item out of the landfill.

Non-operational Equipment

Broken or worn down equipment can be trickier to dispose of. Search your local area for recycling drives, such as municipal centers that hold recycling events. Recycling companies often offer a pickup service for used electronics, usually charging based on the volume of items. You get more bang for your buck with more items, so clean out storage closets, and do an electronics drive with employees to gather a significant amount. This is also a great option if you have large items that are difficult to transport. These services keep electronics out a landfills and chemicals out of the soil.

How Cartridge World Recycles

Cartridge World stores are a valuable resource for local business owners. With more than 300 stores in North America, Cartridge World can help business owners relieve themselves of outdated or inefficient printing equipment. Through the Printer Exchange Program, you’re able to lease a new printer and simply pay for the toner. You have the option of:

  • Recycling the printer with Cartridge World
  • Moving it to another location
  • Donating it to a charity
  • Taking it home to your home office 

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