How to Save Energy with Office Technology


Friday June 8, 2018 

Most offices these days are loaded with office technology. Each employee has a computer, potentially extra monitors, printers and maybe a laptop on top of it all. The energy usage of all this can add up. About 29 percent of an office’s operations costs are spent on energy, and technology accounts for 14 percent of this consumption.

Running a business is expensive, and it only takes some simple adjustments to save money on office technology. Reducing technology energy usage will ultimately lower monthly utility bills and benefit your bottom line.

Track Usage

Start tracking energy usage. This creates a measuring tool for your business once changes have been implemented. It may seem like too small of a change to make a difference, but a typical desktop computer can draw 140 watts of power when idle. This means if a desktop is left on overnight or on the weekend, it can add about $50 to the bill per workstation.

Update Equipment

Evaluate the current equipment in your office space. Consider eliminating items no longer in use, like extra monitors or printers. Check for outdated computers, printers or fax machines that could be draining your energy. While a new upgrade will cost some cash up front, this allows you to search for a more energy efficient counterpart.

Consider Energy Star rated products. These products save energy through efficient design and power management options. Overall they use less energy, and when not in use, they automatically enter a low-power mode.

Additionally, when it’s time to upgrade your office computers, consider laptops over desktops. Laptops are more energy efficient and more offices are making the switch.

Use Energy Saving Mode

Don’t confuse a screen saver for sleep mode. Make sure that computers switch to sleep mode when inactive for a period of time. This can save energy while employees may be in meetings, on calls or at lunch. Use energy saving mode on printers, monitors and any other office equipment that offers it.

Cartridge World Business Print Assessments

Consider professional help to evaluate your energy usage and develop an efficient solution. Cartridge World Business Print Assessments are an objective, fact-based summary of your current printing activities and costs. Through this assessment Cartridge World, the solutions provider, will determine immediate and future improvement options and develop a way to optimize additional office resources, like print related spend.

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