How to Use Printing to Optimize Office Workflow

Wednesday August 29, 2018

By: David DiEugenio, Gainesville, FL

Work can be a hectic environment, especially when your printer jams right before an important client meeting. While printing may seem like just a small part of your office operations, it plays a bigger role than most business owners know.

Printing ranks in the top four business expenses behind rent and payroll, and most businesses are overpaying for it. Through our print management services, my Cartridge World team and I assess the processes of an office and develop solutions to optimize their costs, time and office workflow.

Utilize Print Management Services

Print management services take the printer hassles away from your office manager or IT department and let Cartridge World supply equipment, perform maintenance and save your office budget. After a thorough in-house printer assessment, my team puts together a plan that may include updating equipment, switching out supplies and automating deliveries.

Many times offices overlook the simple fixes. We once saw an insurance company with only one large printer and copier. Unsurprisingly they were struggling with printer slowdowns.

To streamline their processes and get them printing faster, we suggested our Why Buy a Printer Program. For just the cost of toner, we supplied them with new equipment—a whole printer fleet. Instead of one larger multifunction printer and copier, we strategically placed five smaller printers around the office. It shortened queues and eliminated lines at the copier.

Improve Workflow Productivity

While some offices are easy fixes, others require more creativity. That’s why it’s so important to get on-site and observe workflow. We spend an average of two hours onsite, but as printing professionals, we see glaring problems in the first few minutes.

Our solutions go beyond equipment upgrades; we give businesses new ways to use their current supplies too. For example, we worked with a doggie daycare center that needed help categorizing the dogs. Each dog’s information sheet listed who he was safe to play with, keeping puppies together and elderly or weak dogs isolated from those that are more rambunctious.

We created a color-coded system with the help of a printer with multiple paper trays. Each tray held different color paper that signified where dogs could play. At a quick glance, employees knew where dogs should go. While this technique would not appear in traditional management solutions, our creativity saved time and eliminated misidentifying the dogs.

Printing is just one part of running a business, and it shouldn’t slow you down. Let Cartridge World take care of your equipment and services so you can focus on what’s important—whether it’s insurance, taking care of our furry friends or another industry. Learn more about how Cartridge World can help optimize your office workflow through printing.