How You Can Use 3D Printing for Your Holiday Decorations and Gifts


Thursday December 7, 2017

More and more hobbyists and DIY fans are utilizing 3D printing for their projects – especially as 3D printers become increasingly more affordable and user-friendly. There are plenty of ways you can get started with 3D printing as a beginner – just in time for the holiday season. Here are a few different holiday decorations and gifts you can make using 3D printing:

Customizable Snowflakes

Cutting out paper snowflake decorations is one of the most celebrated winter traditions. Take your snowflakes up a notch by 3D printing them. You can create your own designs, or use this innovative application to automatically generate unique snowflake models using mathematical algorithms. You’ll have infinite snowflake designs at your fingertips, with each snowflake more beautiful than the next. Turn them into wall hangings or ornaments, and use them year after year.

Holiday Cookie Cutters

What could be better than freshly-baked holiday cookies? Cookies created with your own customized cookie cutters. These make the perfect gift item – along with your finished baked goods. If you’re short on time, there are also plenty of free 3D models to choose from, ranging from Santa Claus to snowmen and reindeer.

Decorative Ornaments and Figurines

Why stop at snowflakes for your holiday 3D printing? Ornaments, small holiday figurines and toys are other gifts and decorations you can make with your printer. Of course, these will be a bit more complicated, but are still doable for beginners. Use plenty of different colors for your model, and get creative with it. Make different customized designs or festive objects like stars, trees, bells and wreaths.

After you’ve become familiar with the modeling software and 3D printer, you can easily come up with your own ideas for 3D printing. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make any other decorations you can think of. There are many ways you can implement 3D printing year-round to keep up your skills. From outlet protectors to pen holders, there are plenty of different useful household items you can make as you get accustomed to 3D printing.

Local Experts

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