Improve Sustainability: Enjoy the Environmental Benefits of a New Printer

Thursday November 8, 2018

We all have that friend who touts his old tired vehicle as being “greener” than your new fuel-efficient car because it didn't require all the energy and natural resources your car consumed when it was built. Of course, he's dead wrong. The fact is, manufacturing is more efficient today, and the end result is a car that uses less fuel and produces fewer carbon emissions over its lifetime.

The same holds true for new printers. Older technology is inefficient and a drain on resources, using much more energy than new technology. Recycling your old devices and replacing them with a new, more efficient device is a smart move.


The Benefits of New Print Technology


Updating your printer with a more energy efficient device can not only lower your energy costs, but with the ability to go to sleep, and other features, you'll save money around the clock! New print technology also uses less toner, offers duplexing and other conservative print practices that can reduce consumables and waste, making your print environment “greener.”

When updating your devices don't just send your old printer to the landfill, recycle them instead. There are plenty of places that will take your old printer. Simply Google e-waste depots and you'll find a location close to you. Many devices are also eligible for trade-in. Your device will be refurbished or properly recycled. Just remember to properly dispose of your hard drive before trading-in or recycling your printer. 

If becoming more environmentally aware is part of your agenda for 2019, our year-end Why Buy a Printer? promotion might be right for you!


Here’s How it Works:


We provide a new energy-efficient printer and local service at absolutely no charge! All you have to do is buy our premium quality toner cartridges. Our “Why Buy a Printer” Program can save you between $300 and $1,900 in the first year!

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