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4 Ways Mobile Workers Can Stay Motivated

Maintaining productivity when you’re trying to manage a mobile workforce is one of the greatest challenges of today’s business environment. In spite of the numerous studies assuring employers that remote workers are more industrious than their office-bound counterparts, there are far fewer articles providing airtight ways to manage and motivate off-site employees.

Best Craft Beers for Your Summer BBQ

When it comes to the summertime, there is nothing better than gathering together with friends and family for a BBQ. The sizzling meat, hot off the grill. The warm weather. And then there are the drinks. Here are some of the best recs for craft beers to truly impress your guests.

Preparing for Your Promotion

Today is the day. You have the training. You have the experience. You’ve earned your shot at the next rung on the corporate ladder, and you’re going to take it. Are you ready? You can be. All you need to do is prepare your personal checklist, demonstrate your abilities through example, and SHOW (not tell) your superiors why you fit the mold. Let’s take a look at just how you go about doing this to get exactly what you want

3 Ways Work Will Change in 2016

The trends we’re seeing today have been brewing for the past several years. The mobile workforce fueled by remote workers, on-the-road employees and freelancers has created an environment that many companies are still trying to navigate. With rapid developments in mobile technology, shifts in the global economy and more cost-effective methods to facilitate remote workers, businesses have to be prepared. Here are three major changes on the horizon

U.S. Mobile Workforce Will Surpass 105 Million by 2020

Around the world, the workforce is rapidly evolving in ways that will change how people and businesses perform. We’ve long seen the impact of globalization and the way barriers between nations have fallen aside for faster and more efficient distribution of products and ideas. Both a byproduct of and a symptom of the future of the global workplace is the growth in the mobile workforce. According to recent research from International Data Corporation, the U.S. mobile workforce hit 96.2 million people in 2015. In just five years, that number is expected to jump to 105.4 million.

Company Spending - The Right Way

Having access to company funds is a privilege, not a right. You’ve made it to where you are - a position of authority within your company - through all of your hard work, dedication, and intelligence, but sometimes company spending can get a little tricky. Let’s take some time to clear up some of the myths and mysteries about the company’s line of credit, when to use it, and how to ensure your spending doesn’t cost you BIG TIME down the road.