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Don't Feed the Landfills

Conservation and environmental responsibility have been hot button issues for years, but the stark reality is that even the simplest form of environmental stewardship – recycling – often is neglected.

Worry Free Printing Starts Here

Whether big or small, your business can save time and money with CW Print Manager™ from Cartridge World. Earlier this year, Cartridge World unveiled a new business productivity device to help manage your office printing. It’s called CW Print Manager, and it’s a free service from Cartridge World.

Industry Expert Appointed New CEO

The Board of Cartridge World Global Holdings Company Ltd. are pleased to announce that following the recent acquisition of the Cartridge World global group, Steve Weedon has been appointed as Global Chief Executive Officer of Cartridge World and CEO of Cartridge World North America.

Beat the Back-To-School Blues

It’s an exciting new school year and both children and parents alike are getting in gear for new assignments, projects, and homework streaming out of their home printers once again. Just like in previous years, choosing Cartridge World brand ink and toner will allow you to print more and spend less.

How to Choose the Right Printer for your Start Up

Starting a business is difficult, but choosing the best printer doesn’t have to be. When you are building a business the last thing that is probably on your mind is printing. However, you’ll be surprised how important it is to be able to print in your new office or business. This overlooked detail can be the difference between getting everything up and running or having an unforeseen delay.

Top 5 Most Uncommon Printer Uses

Say what you will about printers losing popularity in home and office use, but, people everywhere still rely on their printers for homework, projects, financial, reports, crafts and business every day. Plus, we see our customers use printers in ways that we would have never dreamt ourselves. Here are the top 5 most uncommon printer uses we have found